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The Nursing Resource Center (NRC)

The Nursing Resource Center is located in Pilla 236 and is available to any current Ursuline College nursing student.

Hours of operation:
Hours vary depending on use of the lab for classes and other special groups or events. Hours are posted outside Pilla 236 and on ANGEL Learning Management System. Free times are available. The lab is accessible when the doors to Pilla are open. During off peak hours, the door is locked. Each student is assigned a personal entry code for use when the doors are locked. Their personal code will allow entry but does not unlock the door so that the student can feel secure that others cannot enter without a ID code. No food or drink is permitted in the Nursing Resource Center.

Lab equipment:
The lab is equipped with nine computers that have specific nursing software. There is a HP printer within the lab and connected to each computer so that assignments can be printed. The lab also has four midfidelity manikins and four low fidelity manikins for practicing skills, vital signs, health assessment and simulation. Sophomore level students receive training on the manikins so that learning is individualized. The lab has a virtual IV computer which allows students to train on intravenous catheter insertion with a variety of scenarios as well as completing an IV competency. IV training can also be done on the geriatric IV arm.

Individual workstations are within the lab for students to practice skills such as intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous injections.

Student benefit:
Students participate in simulations with the manikins starting at the sophomore level. Junior level students complete skills review and then simulation at the end of the semester.

For further information, please contact Kathy Rogers, MSN, RN, Nursing Resource Center coordinator and instructor at 440 449 5356.