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About SNUC

Mission Statement
The purpose of SNUC is to aid in the development of the individual student and urge students of nursing as future health professionals, to be aware of and contribute to improving the health care of all people.

Vision Statement
SNUC is a unified organization of nurses on the forefront of community change. The organization is comprised of intelligent, compassionate, creative and action-oriented students who are committed to promoting SNUC's mission. The strength of SNUC members is their ability to make significant community impact through their knowledge, leadership and compassion. SNUC wants member-to-member mentoring to ensure our success. Each student will receive challenging learning experiences and enjoyable relationships founded upon our shared values.


Enrollment takes place year-round. To become a member, please contact one of the SNUC officers or obtain a membership card from the SNUC bulletin board on the 3rd Floor in Mullen. Please return the $5.00 fee and card to the SNUC mailbox in MU 349 or at any meeting. The activity sheet will be forwarded to you. The membership fee helps to finance SNUC activities throughout the year. Membership in the Ohio Nursing Student Association (ONSA) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) is a separate annual fee (currently $30.00 for the first year and $40.00 for renewals). For more information go to www.nsna.org