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Liberal Studies

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We at Ursuline College invite you to consider our Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) Program. Our goal is to provide resources of intellect and imagination that prepare students to see the everyday worlds they encounter in fresh new perspectives and to act based on new visions.

Our organizing principle is values and their expressions. Values include beliefs and principles that society or its parts consider worthwhile. We examine a wide array of values-political, economic, social and cultural. Scholars have written extensively about technology and values. There are values based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion and age. There are national and regional values. Some values are persistent over time. Others fade away while new values emerge. These values reveal much about our society-past, present and future.

MALS examines these values through a variety of expressions such as art, architecture, religion, literature, the cinema, music and fashion. These expressions derive from the special expertise of committed full-time faculty at Ursuline College who teach MALS courses.

The program seeks a practical application of the values and expressions framework. We examine forces shaping these values, resulting behaviors, implications of these behaviors for society and lessons we might learn for responsible ways of living-in our personal lives and in the various worlds in which we live.

Our classes are small, generally fewer than ten students. They are seminar-based allowing for a fruitful student-faculty interaction as a way of learning. Classes may also include an online component or may be offered online. We regularly cross-list MALS courses with other Master's program courses with a values component. Students from other Master's programs at Ursuline also take MALS courses, resulting in rich and diverse class room settings.

We offer a one-third tuition reduction for educators and administrators in public and private schools as well as community librarians. We also offer a bridge program whereby undergraduate students at Ursuline College are able to earn up to six credits towards the MALS Program.

We at Ursuline College hope you seriously consider the MALS Program. It is a pathway to an alternative way of seeing and acting in the worlds we encounter. This program is for those who love learning, those seeking career advancement within their present occupations or seeking a degree for a career change, and for those giving thought to a doctoral program in the liberal arts.

Timothy K. Kinsella
Director, MALS Program

ursuline college liberal studies
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What students are saying about the program:
Discussions become so interesting when you combine people with Bachelors degrees inart, business, computer technology, history, psychology, literature and science! So many different perspectives and innovative ideas emerged when discussing the variety of topics.
- S. Powers

My first class in the MALS program was my first time back in a classroom in years. I was challenged from the first day. I was asked to look at the world differently to be critical and analyze what information I was given. I am using the information I have obtained over the last 5 semesters to do just that, in my workand in my daily routine. I am grateful to all my professorsand the professors I will meet as I continue on in the program forgiving me another way to exercise my thinking skills.
- Y. Sudberry

A sample of past student thesis titles:

Petruccio, Diane. From Goddess to Victim: Examining Five Feminine Archetypes in Print Advertising. 2006.

Mackin, Ann. Values in Voices: Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party. Cleveland Exhibit. May 10-August 9, 1981. The Audiences Speak. 2006.

Thompson, Debra. A Socioeconomic Study of Self-Reported Factors that Influence the Academic Success of High School Seniors in an Urban Setting 2005.

Gibbs-Dixon, Cherese L. Shattering the Inter-Galactic Glass Ceiling: Ripley, the Return and Re-Evaluation of Heroes in American Science Fiction Film. 2006.

A sample of faculty publications:

"Naming the Goodyear Blimp: Corporate Iconography." Names: A Journal of Onomastics 55:4 (2007). 326-34.
- Christine DeVinne, OSU, Ph.D.

Through the Rose Window: Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care of the Elderly at the Benjamin Rose Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, 1953-1968 (Ph.D. diss., Case Western Reserve Univ., 1996).
- Beth DiNatale Johnson, Ph.D.

"Regional Patterns in Manufacturing Development Policy for Ohio Metropolitan Areas" (co-authored with John Blair) in Manufacturing Development Policy: Economic Restructuring in Ohio. edited by John P. Blair and Keith Ewald. Dayton, Ohio: The Wright State University Press, 1991
Timothy K. Kinsella, Ph.D.