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Historic Preservation

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WHAT IF … ·       
... you could indulge your insatiable curiosity about the compelling places around you?     
...you could plunge into exploring your personal fascination with beautiful old buildings and landscapes in a diversity of surroundings?       
... you could join an enthusiastic and energetic community of established and emerging scholars who  shared your interests and were anxious to collaborate on projects near and dear to your heart?  
 ...you could find a career that allowed you to engage all these interests and DO SOMETHING while enriching your community for the future?
  And what if it was not only challenging, rewarding work, but also FUN?  

Explore the possibilities with us in Historic Preservation at Ursuline.


Heritage:  Investigate.  Protect.  Inspire.  

Ursuline College's program in Historic Preservation prepares tomorrow's leaders to make sustainable and unique contributions to their world by preserving the most compelling of lessons in cultural memory and identity. Historic Preservation is a commitment as well as a discipline and a profession.  


At Ursuline, Historic Preservation is as much about the future as it is about the past.  


Ursuline's classroom extends to all of northeastern Ohio with its incredible variety.
lovely, rolling, farm-dotted countryside
traditional Amish culture areas
charming New England-style village  
two-centuries-old Cleveland with its ?
graceful suburbs
fascinating ethnic neighborhoods ?
ever-changing downtown and lakefront

Our classrooms have no walls, but our projects do!

to Historic Preservation at Ursuline where diversity and breadth of experience transform your interests into a career to last a lifetime.

We are glad you are considering joining us for your educational journey into a profession that preserves cultural memory while also providing sustainable solutions for your community.

Graduate school should be one of the best experiences of your life.  You should be able to look back upon it with the exhilarating sense of accomplishment that comes when you have worked hard towards a goal to which you are passionately committed and about which you are intensely fascinated.  The success of that experience starts with the choices you make on a program and a school.

What’s special about our program? 

Our: ¨     
small classes. ¨     
faculty members who are engaged professionals with specialized skills who actively involve you in projects outside as well as inside the classroom. ¨     
unique location allows easy access to cityscape, ethnic neighborhoods, rural villages, and Amish farmsteads, all actively used as learning laboratories. ¨     
focus on field study. ¨     
nurturing of your individual interests and the building of a professional portfolio to prepare you for entering the profession. ¨     
recognition by the National Council for Preservation Education for the strength of our curriculum. ¨     
approach to the intellectual and emotional connection to the natural and built environment through the lens of personal experience in exploring issues of historic significance in relation to majority and minority populations, to groups that have been silent as well as those that are vocal, and to the role gender plays in the social construct and perception of place. ¨     
strong intersections between Ursuline’s liberal arts tradition and the needs of the Historic Preservation profession in the 21st century.   

We hope that the information on these Historic Preservation web pages and the links provided here help answer your initial questions while raising new inquiries and enthusiasm.  Please browse our website, contact us if you have any questions, and plan to call or visit us soon to chat about how our program can help you achieve your career goals.  We look forward to helping you along a rewarding journey toward a career in historic preservation.

Best regards,
Bari Oyler Stith, Ph.D.
Director, Historic Preservation

ursuline college historic preservation

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