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Educational Administration

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The Ursuline College Educational Administration program prepares individuals to function as principle-centered leaders in a school setting, focusing on the unique challenges facing both public and nonpublic schools.

The program emphasis includes:

  • working with others through the development of positive relationships
  • identifying values and operating out of a value-based system
  • developing personal and professional skills necessary for effective leadership
  • understanding and integrating knowledge required for leading an effective school
This emphasis includes the unique mission and philosophy of both public and private education; leadership and management; curriculum and instruction; personnel and resource management; contract as well as state law; funding and fundraising along with state and federal funding; and educational theories within the unique environment of the private and nonpublic school.

Educational research indicates that the principal of a school is vital in establishing a quality educational program for the challenges of today's society. The leadership necessary for quality school administration calls for a unique preparation. Integral to the program is the emphasis on a shared mission and vision for the school. The mission and vision are developed in collaboration with the school community and are implemented by the administration, faculty and staff of the school. Students in the program experience collaborative interactions with faculty, experienced school administrators in both private and public schools, and their colleagues in a variety of classes, seminars and field work opportunities.

There are over 300 Ursuline College graduates serving as administrators in the Northeastern Ohio Area, including 31 graduates who were named to new administrative positions for the 2016-2017 school year.

Presently, there is a need for highly qualified administrators in the state of Ohio. Joining the Ursuline program will help you to become an administrator in the near future.

Click to view the Fall 2017 newsletter with more information about the Educational Administration Program.

Educational Administration Program Handbook

Ohio Standards for Principals

Educational Administration brochure

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Gainful Employment
Federal regulations require institutions to disclose to prospective and current students certain information about Gainful Employment Programs. A "Gainful Employment" program is a certificate program that leads to gainful employment in a recognized occupation.  Ursuline College currently offers some certificate programs that meet the Gainful Employment definition. Information about this certificate program, including related occupations, graduation rate, median loan debt for program completers, on-time completion rate and other pertinent facts is available on the following document(s):