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Art Therapy and Counseling Scholarships

Currently there are no graduate assistantships for the Art Therapy and Counseling Department. However, some limited scholarships are available to graduate students, including the Graham Hunter Foundation Scholarship Grant application and the Sarah Scherer Memorial Fund

Art Therapy students are also eligible to apply for the Helen Dineen Scholarship, a scholarship awarded on an annual basis to graduate students exhibiting a high level of academic scholarship, financial need and a desire to work with children. Students must complete a FAFSA and Scholarship Application Form to be eligible, and applications are available in the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Some partial scholarships are available through the American Art Therapy Association.

Students working toward a master's degree may borrow money for their programs through the Stafford Loan Program. In order to apply, a student must first complete the Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) to determine eligibility. For additional information, financial aid forms and student loan applications, contact the Office of Financial Aid.