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Thesis Process

Thesis/Manuscript Submission Process

All students must complete a thesis or manuscript submission as a culminating project in order to receive the degree. The culminating project course sequence is taken in the following order:

CAT 591: Intro to Research & Literature

CAT 594: Research and Evaluation. 

CAT 595: Thesis/Project

CAT 596: Thesis/Integrative Seminar 

Students may take the courses over a period of several years, but each must be completed before the next can be taken. CAT 595 and CAT 596 must be completed during the final year in the program as outlined on the 3-year plan of study. 

Students cannot begin their research until a research proposal has been written and accepted by the faculty, and approved by the College’s Human Subject’s Review Committee if the thesis/project involves human subjects. This is generally completed near the end of CAT 594, or immediately after completing this course.  If the research is to be completed in the context of an agency, the proposal may also have to be approved by the Internal Review Board of that agency, a process which may take quite a length of time.  

The actual collection of data is generally done between CAT 594 & CAT 595.  Data collection must be completed before the CAT 595 course begins since this course is focused on the writing of the thesis/manuscript document. In this course you will be writing the thesis chapter by chapter, with the first chapter due within the first two weeks of class, and the complete rough draft due by the end of that semester. If a student chooses the manuscript submission option this course will enable the student to write the manuscript section by section, with the first section due within the first two weeks of class and a complete manuscript due by the end of the semester. 

Finally, an important component of the thesis/manuscript submission process is the formal presentation of the research project during CAT 596, when a public presentation of projects will be scheduled.