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Management Information Systems Curriculum

Course of Study

Management Information Systems Major
63 credit hours, including MIS 220, 240, 260, 280, 320, 340, 360, 380, 420, 460, 475, BU 125, 220, 230, 310, 450, AC 210, 211, EC 102, 103 and MA 119

Management Information Systems Minor
18 credits, including MIS 220, 240, 340, 360 and two of the following electives: AR 312, MIS 320, MIS 380, MIS 420, MIS 460

Management Information Systems Certificate
30 credits, including BU 125, 220, 230, MIS 220, 240, 340, 360 and three of the following electives, including at least one business course (BU) and one MIS course: BU 310, 341, 350, 450, AR 312, MIS 340, 380, 420, 460

Audit Sheet

Management Information Systems Audit Sheet (.pdf)

Course Descriptions

MIS 220 Hardware and System Software (3)
Principles and applications of computer systems hardware and software will be presented through lecture, installation, configuration and operations experiences.
Prerequisites: MC 103, 105, 107

MIS 240 Introduction to Networking (3)
This course introduces the student to the underlying concepts of data communications, telecommunications and networking. It focuses on the terminology and technologies in current networking environments. Experience in setting up and configuring a local area network is provided. This course is meant to provide a general overview of the field of networking as a basis for continued study in the field.
Prerequisites: MC 103, 105, 107

MIS 260 Introduction to Programming in Visual BASIC (3)
Introduction to the process of program creation using the Visual BASIC language. Includes the role of algorithms in the problem-solving and flowcharting process.
Prerequisites: MC 103, 105, 107

MIS 270/BU270 eCommerce: Online Auctions (3)
This is a hands-on class limited by the number of computers available for class. Students will explore the principles of eCommerce and use eBay as a learning tool for navigating the Internet, buying and selling online, and eventually managing a small online business. There is no specific prerequisite, but students will be expected to have computer skills and familiarity with navigating on the Internet. Students need some experience with using the Internet and a digital camera. There may be a need to register a credit card and bank account with eBay.

MIS 280 Computer User Support
This course covers all aspects of staffing and managing a Help Desk function to support computer users in an organization. Reviews various types of user support services, develops customer service skills, examines and applies troubleshooting processes, and prepares for end user training.
Prerequisites: MC 360; MIS 220, 240

MIS 320 Web Development
Analysis, design and implementation of Web pages including the use of multimedia elements, database connectivity, HTML and scripting. Basic coverage of e-commerce and issues associated with it.
Prerequisite: MIS 240

MIS 340 Systems Analysis & Design (3)
Introduction to fundamental concepts of structured systems analysis and design from the feasibility study to implementation. Includes tools of the analyst in achieving a successful system development.
Prerequisite: MIS 280

MIS 360
Database Management (3)
An advanced course in database management to include concepts, management, creation and use of databases.
Prerequisites: MC 360; MIS 340

MIS 380 Advanced Programming with Visual BASIC
This course covers physical design, programming and implementation of information systems applications. Topics covered include data controls, activeX controls, class modules and object-oriented programming.
Prerequisites: MIS 260, 360

MIS 420 Information Systems Management
Introduction to practice of managing information technology services, including: issues of information systems strategies and implementations through the use of case studies; staffing and management of various functions; overview of business process re-engineering, enterprise information systems and data warehouses; introduction to knowledge management and data mining; examples of decision support and expert systems used to support sophisticated business decision-making.
Prerequisite: MIS 340

MIS 460 Project Management
Advanced MIS majors operating as a team will engage in and complete the design and implementation of a significant information system. Project management and systems integration will be components of the development experience.
Prerequisites: MIS 420 and either MIS 360 or 380

MIS 288, 488 Special Topics in Computers (3)
Study of specialized topics in Management Information Systems.

MIS 461, 462 Independent Study (1-3, 1-3)
A course designed to allow students to explore topics of current interest that are not covered in regular course offering.

MIS 475 Academic Internship (credit varies)
An appropriate information systems related learning experience.

MIS 199, 299, 399, 499 Prior Learning Assessment (Credit Varies)
Measurable and verifiable learning which has occurred outside of the traditional classroom. Numerical designation indicates level of proficiency in the topic. Courses for which there is an exact Ursuline College equivalent are listed by the appropriate numerical designation. "PL" is listed before all course titles for which credit is granted through prior learning assessment.