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Teacher Leader Endorsement

As district administrators are working diligently to to implement the Common Core Standards and the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, this endorsement will provide them with Master Teachers who are licensed to:
  • Mentor and coach teachers
  • Provide staff development
  • Assist the building principal in developing and supporting a shared vision and clear goals for the school

Curriculum (9 credit hours, post master's)

CIP 582 Improving Instructional Methodology (3 credits)
This course explores the nature and use of professional inquiry to improve student learning. Participants will engage in cycles of inquiry to critically examine "best practices" that may be used over time to deepen student understanding and increase student achievement.

CIP 581 Teacher Leadership for Student Learning (3 credits)
This course examines the role of teacher leadership and its effect on student achievement. This course is designed for experienced classroom teachers who wish to develop knowledge and skills that will allow them to take a more active professional leadership role. The underlying premise is that classroom teachers must be on the front line of creating the vision for the future that will lead to significant and lasting school reform.

CIP 595 Instructional Leadership Practicum (3 credits)
The Teacher Leadership Practicum requires that candidates: 1) assess instructional effectiveness, in concert with the building principal and develop an instructional improvement plan for the school and 2) coach/mentor staff to facilitate  that plan toward increased student achievement. The building principal will also need to complete a "Cooperating Principal Evaluation" following your leadership activities that will contribute to your grade for the Practicum course. Be sure to discuss these program requirements with your building principal prior to seeking admission to assure his.her support and willingness to participate in the activities described above.

Candidates will meet the following admission criteria:

1. Application for Graduate Studies including the essay of 500 – 1,000 words. Application for admission may be submitted in paper form or online at ursuline.edu.

2. Non-refundable $25 application fee.

3. Official transcript from an accredited college or university showing the completion of a master's degree in education. These must be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Admission directly by the issuing institution.

4. Evidence of ability to do graduate level work as indicated by a recommended 3.0 GPA shown on the applicant's transcript.

5. Letter of recommendation on school letterhead from an immediate supervisor (principal) indicating that the applicant is a high quality candidate for teacher leadership and that the principal supports the candidate's internship in which he/she will work with the principal in leading professional development and mentoring/coaching of teachers.

6. Letter from his/her Board of Education that he/she has at least four years of successful teaching experience.

7. Copy of current professional teaching license or professional or permanent teaching certificate.

8. Completion of the following courses with at least an 85% grade in each course and an 85% grade on corresponding key assessments in each of the four courses: Effective Learning Communities, Professional Development for the 21st Century, Teacher Leadership for Student Learning and Action Research Project.