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Business Administration Curriculum

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Course Descriptions

BU 125 Introduction to Business (3)
A survey of policies, methods, and problems in business and non-profit organizations. This course will cover all functional areas of business including marketing, finance, information systems, accounting, personnel, operations, law and business ethics. This course or an equivalent is required of all students prior to seeking a business administration or accounting major.

BU 200 Business Communication Skills (3)
This course stresses the development of written and oral communication for effective presentations to various groups in business today. Skills addressed include writing, editing, preparing business reports and proposals, listening, interpersonal communication and oral presentations. No test-out or prior learning may apply.
Prerequisites: BU 125 and Ursuline Studies Stage I anchors

BU 220 Principles of Marketing (3)
An introduction to marketing theory and its applications, including the study of the marketing functions as they relate to market research, product decisions, pricing, promotion, distribution and marketing management and decision making.
Prerequisite: BU 125

BU 226 Principles of Retailing (3)
An analysis of retail store operation including organization, department layout, buying, sales promotion, display, record-keeping and control.
Prerequisites: BU 125, 220

BU 230 Organizational Behavior (3)
A study of the basic principles, policies and methods used in managing an enterprise, including leadership, motivation, the group in organizations and conflict resolution from the viewpoint of the individual and manager.
Prerequisite: BU 125

BU 270/MIS 270 eCommerce: Online Auctions (3)
This is a hands-on class limited by the number of computers available for class. Students will explore the principles of eCommerce and use eBay as a learning tool for navigating the Internet, buying and selling online, and eventually managing a small online business. There is no specific prerequisite, but students will be expected to have computer skills and familiarity with navigating on the Internet. Students need some experience with using the Internet and a digital camera. There may be a need to register a credit card and bank account with eBay.

BU 288 Special Topics (3)
A study of selected business topics.

BU300/EN300 Professional and Technical Writing (3)
Instruction and practice in writing proposals, progress reports, instructions, manuals, correspondence, web-based projects and other writing in the workplace.
Prerequisites: Ursuline Studies Stage I anchors

BU 310 Principles of Finance I (3)
Analysis of financial decisions in business enterprises and the interfacing of firms with capital markets, including corporate financing, methods of obtaining and managing control, and the distribution of net income. Computer literacy required.
Prerequisites: AC 211; MAT 125; MC 360

BU 320 Consumer Behavior (3)
Study of the theoretical concepts of consumer behavior. Topics include information research, perceptions, memory and learning, attitudes affecting consumer decision strategies, environmental influences, purchase and post-purchase behavior. Computer literacy required.
Prerequisite: BU 220

BU 323 Sales Management (3)
The nature and techniques of selling and the organization and administration of the sales department.
Prerequisites: BU 125, 220

BU 325 Current Issues in Marketing (3)
This seminar-style course will examine a thorough scope of current marketing issues in two ways. First, short articles will be discussed relating to the current issues in marketing; secondly, students will look at both sides of controversial issues in marketing and evaluate the positions of both sides.
Prerequisite: BU 220

BU 330 Human Resource Management (3)
A study of the concepts, practices, and problems of administering the personnel functions of the enterprise from recruitment to retirement, including selection, placement, training, safety, job performance appraisals, employer services, benefit plans, wage administration, and employee retention.
Prerequisites: At least 15 credit hours in Business or Accounting including BU 125, 230

BU 335 Compensation (3)
Focus on theory, research, and strategy in the field of compensation administration. Discussion of pay structure, employee benefits, the role of government and regulations and system management.
Prerequisite: BU 330

BU 340 Business Law (3)
An introductory study of the legal principles as they affect business and non-profit enterprises with emphasis on topics such as torts, crimes, contracts, the principal-agent relationship, sales under the Uniform Commercial Code, negotiable instruments, insurance and bankruptcy.
Prerequisites: EC 103; at least 21 credit hours in Accounting and Business

BU 341 Production and Operations Management (3)
This course studies the production and operations systems of industry. It focuses primarily on the tools and methods available to management, such as quality assurance, inventory control, and general plant management.
Prerequisites: BU 125; MAT 125; MC 360

BU 350 International Business (3)
Changes in technology, politics, international markets, and competition have led businesses to expand globally. This course examines the issues that businesses face in developing a global strategy that enables them to deal with forces in foreign and domestic environments.
Prerequisites: BU 125, 220, 230

BU 360 Business Protocol and Skills (1-3)
Students are introduced to skills that will allow them to succeed in obtaining a job, such as creating an electronic resume and improving their skills for networking and interviewing. In addition, dressing for success, business etiquette, business ethics and other areas will be covered.
Prerequisites: Junior or Senior Status

BU 375 Business Statistics (3)
A working knowledge of the statistical techniques that businesses use on a regular basis is necessary for success in many fields of business. The course will provide a sound basis in descriptive and inferential statistics. Areas covered include descriptive statistics, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, population and sampling techniques, analysis of variance, regression analysis, time series analysis, indexes and an introduction to non-parametric techniques.
Prerequisite: MAT 125 or instructor approval

BU 420 Marketing Research (3)
A problem-solving course that employs survey, experimental and field research to identify problems and gather data. Uses statistical tests and methods of hypotheses testing to analyze data and develop solutions. Computer literacy required.
Prerequisites: BU 320; BU 375

BU 425 Advanced Marketing Management (3)
This capstone marketing course uses case studies to teach students to identify problem situations, diagnose the causes, and develop solution strategies. Topics include marketing research, product planning, channel policies, promotion and pricing. Computer literacy required.
BU 220, 320; senior standing

BU 430 Labor Relations (3)
Designed to explore the changing nature of labor relation, this course studies the history of the union movement and its status today. It also examines the legal environment (the courts and the National Labor Relations Board), negotiation and dispute settlement tactics, and non-union labor relations.
Prerequisite: BU 330

BU 435 Current Topics in Human Resource Management (3)
The purpose of the course is to present students with state-of-the-art information and techniques. It explores the changing nature of human resource management (HRM), including the study of one or more topics of current interest, e.g. safety management, research methods, HRM and the law, training and development.
Prerequisite: BU 335

BU 450 Business Policy (3)
This course is the capstone to the Business Administration major and includes strategic management issues, the international business environment, and ethical issues as they relate to the planning, development and control of an organization. No test-out or prior learning may apply.
Prerequisites: Senior standing or instructor permission and at least 40 credit hours in Accounting or Business major

BU 461, 462 Independent Study (1-3, 1-3)
Directed study of a special topic or area. Approval of department chair required.

BU 475 Academic Internship (Credit Varies)
An off-campus learning experience to provide the student with the opportunity to relate academic and educational goals to learning experiences and situations beyond the limits of the classroom.
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing

BU 488 Special Topics (3)
A study of selected business topics. Approval of department chair required.

BU 199, 299, 399, 499 External Learning Assessment (credit varies)
Measurable and verifiable learning which has occurred outside of the traditional classroom.
Numerical designation indicates level of proficiency in the topic. Courses for which there is an exact Ursuline College equivalent are listed by the appropriate numerical designation. "PL" is listed before all course titles for which credit is granted through external learning assessment.

EC 102 Macroeconomics (3)
The study of the economy as a whole, including issues such as national income, output, employment, money and banking, fiscal and monetary policies, economic growth, and related issues.
Prerequisite: MAT 125 or higher; concurrent enrollment with permission

EC 103 Microeconomics (3)
The study of the parts of the economy, including demand and supply, price and output determination, pricing and employment in the resource market, international economics, the interrelatedness of the economy, comparative systems and current events.
Prerequisite: MAT 125 or higher; concurrent enrollment with permission