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School of Arts and Sciences | Student Accomplishments
  • Art therapy majors Megan Funkhouser, Sara Enlow, Olivia Jones, Jacob Loughner, and Allison Mitcham were each elected to officer positions in the U-EartH student campus art therapy organization.
  • Fourteen art therapy students in the U-EartH campus organization made plaster molds of their hands at their group meeting, which will be used to create sculptures that will be used as centerpieces on the tables at the Dedication ceremonies for the new Athletic Center and new Center for Healing and Creative Arts and Sciences. The students are grateful to Sr. Diane Pinchot who advised them on technical matters and donated some materials to the project, 14 Apr 15.
  • The Dorothy Kazel Club for Systemic Change held a Fair Trade Event in Pilla, and students also volunteered their time at the Catholic Worker House, 16 and 23 Apr 15.
  • The Student Arts Organization for Peace and Justice helped build the Medicine wheel for Earth Day; they have also painted and restored the Nativity figures, by researching, buying paints, cleaning and patching the figures and painting the figures close to the original colors, 21 Apr 15.
  • The Senior Art Show: BA Senior Studio Art and VCD majors showing are Joanne Abruzzino, Tiffanie Gilmore, Nina Jacobs, Rachel Neal, Brandon Roberts, April Smith, 24 Apr – 15 May 15.
  • Sr. Rosaria Perna’s AR300 VCD class has been working collaboratively with Katie Warner, Communications Associate for Catholic Community Connection, one of the many entities of Sisters of Charity Health System. They are designing a new logo for Catholic Community Connection
  • Eight Psychology majors participated in The Twenty-ninth Annual Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference on 18 Apr 15. They were:
    • Berg, V., Roberts, S., & Shuman, J. (2015, April). The Effects of Task Completion on Creative Thinking.
    • Kinney, S., Zucker, L., & Greene, R. (2015, April). The Comparison of Extroversion and Introversion based on the Content of a Person’s Facebook Status.
    • Montalvo, J., & Palmer, J. (2015, April). How do We Judge the Victim? Effects of Victim Stereotyping and Testimony in a Mock Rape Trial Scenario.
  • Four new members were inducted into Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology: Taylor Bruno, Olivia Coffman, Jessica Palmer, and Leah Zucker, 28 Apr 15.
  • Three graduating psychology majors were recognized for earning Departmental Honors in Psychology: Marissa Dean, Julie Shuman, and Kayla Stefancic.
  • The James P. and Maureen C. Kovach Scholarships were awarded to Psychology majors Taylor Bruno, Sabrina Kinney, and Leah Zucker.
  • Mullen Psychology Research Scholarships were awarded to Sabrina Kinney, Jasmin Montalvo, Julie Shuman and Leah Zucker.
  • New Officers for Psi Chi for the 2015-2016 academic school year were announced: Taylor Bruno, Sabrina Kinney, and Leah Zucker.
  • Students of Science participated in the Doan Brook Stream Sweep Clean Up. The event took place in the Larchmere neighborhood of Cleveland.  Activity was facilitated by Dr. Mark Kyle and coordinated by Dr. Lita Yu, 25 Apr 15. 
  • Ursuline senior, Kelly Dunleavy, is volunteering 30 hours of service to planning and upkeep of the student built Spiral Garden outside of Pilla, as a service learning project connected with US 401 Weaving a Sustainability World.
  • Ursuline senior, Zaneta Juskowiak, is volunteering 30 hours of service to work in the Art Farm gardens of Martha Schubert, as a service learning project connected with US 401 Weaving a Sustainability World. Art Farm provides produce to local businesses in Cleveland.
  • Ursuline senior, Emily Tsivitse, is volunteering 30 hours of service at Rid-All Green Partnership: An Urban Farm in Cleveland, as a service learning project connected with US 401 Weaving a Sustainability World.
  • Kelly Stenger: wrote a blog post for VOICES about her work at Blue Pike Farm.  Kelly volunteered 30 hours of service to Blue Pike Farm as a service learning project for PH 420 Eco Philosophy
  • Ursuline senior, Tristan Kework, is volunteering thirty hours of service to a community farm as a service learning project for PH 420 Eco Philosophy.
  • Ursuline senior, Samantha Hamilton, is volunteering 30 hours of service to Revolve, a sustainable fashion store, as a service learning project connected with US 401 Weaving a Sustainability World. Samantha also gave a presentation on natural and sustainable beauty products to students in US 401 Weaving a Sustainable World.
  • Ursuline senior, Alyssa Adamowski, wrote a blog post for VOICES entitled Plastic Packaging and Writing for Sustainable Change, as an assignment for PH 420 Eco Philosophy.
  • Ursuline Junior, Kyle Jackson, wrote a blog post for VOICES entitled Sustainability, as an assignment for PH 420 Eco Philosophy.
  • Ursuline Senior, Bea Indurain, wrote a blog post for VOICES entitled Recycle for Sustainability, as an assignment for PH 420 Eco Philosophy.
  • Women Watch, sponsored by the Student Arts Organization for Peace and Justice  and The Dorothy Kazel Club for Systemic Change  and Campus Ministry to stop Violence against women and children was commemorated with a procession and prayer service, 24 Mar 15.
  • Undergrad Art Therapy students in the U-EartH campus organization held two literary-based art expression groups at the Beachwood Public Library, one group for 3-4th grade children, the second a group of 5 teens, 3 and 19 Mar 15.
  • Undergrad Art Therapy students Jessica Willow and Mike Nerone assisted art therapist Katie Kern-Pilch with an art activity for 100 students at St. Jerome’s Elementary School,  11 Mar 15.
  • Emily Tsivitse wrote an article entitled, “Compost to a better, healthier life!,” to contribute to the Rid-All Green Partnership Urban Agriculture workshop series, as part of her service learning project in connection with US 401 Weaving a Sustainable World. It will appear on the Rid-All website: http://www.greennghetto.org/.
  • Marissa Dean (Dec ’14) has been offered admission into four doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology: Wright Institute -Berkeley CA, Alliant University –San Diego, CA, LaSalle University -Philadelphia, PA and Pepperdine University -Malibu, CA. She will enroll at Wright Institute in Berkeley.
  • March Madness in the Psychology Department is progressing nicely. Psychology Jeopardy is almost done with 30 initial participants involved. After seven elimination matches, the final two teams remain.
  • Pat Fallon’s print student April Smith, a senior, had one of her paintings accepted into an exhibition in The Miller Art Museum  in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin, and had her print of Apples accepted in the Food Exhibition of art at the Minneapolis Art Museum, Jan-Feb 15.
  • Alum Biology Major William Koch was accepted to Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, OH, and is pursing the dual program, DO/PhD; he will be starting classes July 6th and will be graduating with a Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) from The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA, May 2015.
  • Students Judy Forward and Alison Porter have applied to present research done for HI 324 01 (SP 2015) at the Student Research Symposium on April 30, 2015.
  • Artworks created by 17 undergraduate art therapy majors were accepted to, and are currently on exhibit at the Wasmer Gallery exhibit: The UC Vibe. Two of these artists, sophomore Megan Funkhouser and junior Kari Bleich, were interviewed and quoted for the Chagrin Valley Times coverage of the exhibit, 9 Feb-3 Apr 15.
  • Ursuline students, Alums, Staff, and Faculty wrote and presented the original play, To Bind Up the Wounds, based on the book by Professor Emerita Sr. Mary Denis Maher, about the contribution of Catholic Sisters during the US Civil War, 27 Feb-1 Mar 15.
  • Kayla Stefancic (Dec’ 14), Marissa Dean (Dec’14) and Samantha Gauvin (May ’13) have interviewed for doctoral programs in clinical psychology at Xavier University, Wright State University, University of Denver, LaSalle University, and Alliant University. Samantha Gauvin has been offered admission into Wright State University’s doctoral program in clinical psychology.
  • Catlin Sweeney (May ’14) has been offered admission into Case Western Reserve University’s Master of Science in Social Work program.
  • The Psychology Jeopardy Playoff Bracket is going well with 30 students participating. We are currently in Round 1 of the Psychology Jeopardy playoffs.
  • Six art therapy students and their guests were the first undergraduates to attend the annual Holiday Happening, a networking event sponsored by the Graduate Art Therapy and Counseling program where they were able to meet current students, alums, and faculty of the Graduate Program, 6 Dec 14.
  • Three officers from U-EartH, the new student campus art therapy organization, were interviewed on Fox8 news for their involvement in the national Ribbons of Hope project, in which they invited our campus community to design ribbons with messages of solidarity sent to the people of Ferguson, MO: U-EartH President Alinda Harris, VP Megan Funkhouser, and Secretary Olivia Jones, 4 Dec 14.
  • Kayla Stefancic (Dec’ 14) and Samantha Gauvin (May ’13) have received offers to interview for doctoral programs in clinical psychology at Xavier University and Wright State University, 26 Jan 15.
  • Bio major Margaret Janko has been accepted into the 2015 Teach For America Corps, a competitive national program requiring several interviews and even a mock teaching session. Her paid training starts this summer.  From there, she will be tentatively teaching secondary math in New Orleans.
  • The students in Fred Wright’s EN 303 Creative Writing read work that they wrote this semester at Ursuline Writers in the Little Theatre, 21 Nov 14.
  • Graduating senior Joy Lukacs (Art Therapy, December ’14) has accepted a teaching position with Teach for America, and will be working in the Cleveland City Schools starting in January ’15.  Ms. Lukacs successfully bridged into the Graduate Art Therapy and Counselling Program at Ursuline and is currently taking one graduate level course as she completes her Undergraduate degree this semester.  She will be a fully enrolled graduate student starting in January as well.
  • Senior Art Therapy major Melissa Buesch is currently working as an art instructor at KidzArt, and after-school art enrichment program for children. She was hired Fall 2014.
  • The Dorothy Kazel Club for Systemic Change raised funds to go to Columbus, Georgia for the annual Vigil and Demonstration, which occurs close to the Anniversary of the Jesuits Killed at the University Of Central America and the Church Women murdered in El Salvador, 21-24 Nov 14.
  • 16 Students in the metalcraft and ceramic classes exhibited their work in the "Arts of Thanksgiving” at B'nai Jeshurun Temple; Joann Piotrkowski help transport and install the artwork, 24 Nov 14.
  • Students in the Dorothy Kazel Club for Systemic Change and alumnae attended the Annual Vigil and Demonstration and Workshops in Columbus, Georgia for their Annual commemoration of those 1000 who died and are dying and in commemoration of Dorothy Kazel and the church women who were murdered in Central and South America at the hands of those who were/are trained at the School of the Americas/ WHINSEC at Fort Benning, 21-24 Nov 14.
  • Winners of the #DoSomethingContest include two Arts and Sciences Majors: Tori Abdul '18, Art Therapy, and Autumn Risley '16, Art & English. The third winner was Tongyao Wang '15, Nursing.
  • Tiffanie Gilmore and Nina Jacobs, BA Studio Art Majors, showed art work in "The  21st People's Art Show" at Cleveland State University Gallery. Opening reception is October 30th from 5 pm to 8 pm, 30 Oct – 5 Dec 14.
  • Jessica Seaman, B.A. in Historic Preservation and History, May ’13, is graduate assistant in the M.A. in Humanities program at John Carroll University.
  • Hannah Cotton is interning at the Cleveland Landmarks Commission/Cleveland Planning Commission fall semester.
  • Students from Liz Meacham’s RS 360 visited Rid-All Green Partnership, and urban farm and sustainability training center in Cleveland, 29 Oct 14.
  • Students from Lis Meacham’s PH 420 visited South Chagrin Reservation for an ecopsychology experience in the woods, 30 Oct 14.
  • Alyx Cyr, a recent graduate in the Art Studio BA program was just hired as marketing manager and Graphic Designer at Lu-jean Feng Clinic.
  • Inscape 2014 earned a First-Class rating from The Associated Collegiate Press. Lauren Krozser (Class of 2014) was the Managing Editor, and Jamie Carter, Nneka Iheama, and Jasmin Montalvo served as editors. The judge said, “A powerful part of Inscape relates to its long history of publication, as well as its tradition of including student, faculty, and staff literary and art pieces.” Inscape will celebrate its 70th anniversary of publication this spring with a special program, coordinated by the English Department, Alumnae Office, and Marketing, on Wed., April 29, 2015 in the Pilla Center. 
  • Laura Kroszer did an internship for Inscape 2014, and as one of her assignments, compiled an excellent manual for future editors of Inscape. It will be a helpful resource for years to come.
  • Biology Senior Margaret Janko completed an accelerated Ecology field course at the OSU Stone Lab this summer. She donated her invertebrate specimen collection from her research to Ursuline College, Jun 14.
  • Biology alum Sharita Hill (2014) began her MS in Education as part of the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship at John Carroll University in University Heights, OH, Jun 14.
  • Biology alum Khala Bush (2014) began employment as a laboratory technician at Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati, OH, Aug 14.
  • Biology alum William Koch (2012) began his Masters of Biomedical Sciences program at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA, Aug 14.
  • Biology alum Colleen Croniger (1984) assumed her new position as the assistant dean for medical student research for Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, OH, 1 Aug 14.
  • Biology alum Michele Hare (2014) began employment as a full time Adult Support Professional at the Bellefaire - Monarch School in University Heights, OH, Sep 14.
  • Biology Senior Susan Hallen began employment as a full time Pharmacy Technician at the Cleveland Clinic, 29 Sep 14.
  • Four students’ pieces (letters, journal entries, and scenes) formed the foundation of the original production, To Bind up the Wounds: Catholic Sister Nurses in the U.S. Civil War. These students are:
    • Natalie Huggins,
    • Nneka Iheama,
    • Jasmin Montalvo, and
    • Rhianna McChesney.
  • Additional writers include Nursing major Jared Synan and alums Patti Stephens, Eileen Kohut, Miki Steigerwald, and Sr. Cynthia Glavac.
  • Rachael Fogel, Biology: biotechnology sophomore, was awarded the Choose Ohio First Scholarship for bioscience technology at Lakeland Community College.