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Ursuline College @Ursulinecampus   Thanks to all prospective nursing students who visited campus last Sat. & congrats to our new 3-year nursing admits!
School of Arts and Sciences | Student Accomplishments

• Sharita Hill, Biology ('14) major, has been selected as a recipient of the 2014 Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship. This is a national competition which required several levels of evaluation. Sharita will pursue her M.Ed at John Carroll University.

• Bill Koch, Biology (’13) major, has co-authored a scientific research paper titled “Programmed translational readthrough generates anti-angiogenic VEGF-Ax” that was accepted for publication in Cell, a premier scientific journal. Bill’s contribution was based on his undergraduate research work that he conducted in Dr. Paul Fox’s lab at CCF.

• Sharita Hill, Biology (’14) major, presented her research “Effects of a Peer Educator program on perceptions of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and uptake of testing services among Cleveland adolescents” at Case Western Reserve ShowCASE. The work was done with Dr. Amanda Healan, CWRU, and as an independent study with Dr. Lita Yu, 18 Apr 14.

• For their final exam, Pat Fallon's AR 460 Art and Advocacy class will present their individual projects and research with documentation in film and PowerPoint forms May 7th at 12:45 in Pilla 215, 7 May 14.

• The English Department held a “Launching Party” for Inscape 2014. At this event, student contributors read from their literary pieces or explained their artwork. Sr. Ann Kelly was honored, as Inscape 2014 contained a tribute to her in honor of her retirement, along with several of her poems. Students who produced Inscape 2014 were: Lauren Krozser, managing editor; Jamie Carter, Nneka Iheama, and Jasmin Montalvo, co-editors; Kari Bleich, Marissa Dean, Natalie Huggins, Rhianna McChesney, Allison Mitcham, Paige Rowan, Patti Fish Stephens, and Kris Williams, staff. Ashley Reinhart assisted Sr. Rosaria, Graphics Advisor, with graphics. Sr. Cynthia Glavac served as the literary advisor, 24 Apr 14. 

• Five senior English majors, Jamie Carter, Natalie Huggins, Nneka Iheama, Lauren Krozser, and Haley Tinlin, gave presentations based on their Senior Research Seminar papers, which is the annual assessment of the English Program.  Besides Fred Wright and Sr. Cynthia Glavac, Alana Andrews, Jenny Dunegan, Samantha Syracuse, JoAnne Podis, Mimi Pipino, Jan Bruml, and an English Professor Jennifer Swartz-Levine from Lake Erie College evaluated both the papers and the presentations, 23 Apr 14.

• Maggie Stark, graduating Studio Art Major, competed with nearly 300 other applicants for a paid internship from the Cleveland Foundation and received this honor and will be completing an internship at the Holden Arboretum this summer, SU 14.

• The 2014 Senior show opened Friday April 24, with student presentation scheduled for Friday May 9th at 2:00 PM, 25 Apr 14. Seniors showing are: BFA- Miranda Meisel, Studio Art, BA's: Elissa Burkhart- Studio Art,  Alyx Cyr- Studio Art,  Stephanie Pratt – VCD, Maureen Kelly – VCD, Ashley Reinhart – VCD, Keely Smith- Studio Art, Maggie Stark – Studio Art, 25 Apr – 16 May 14.

• As a project for Earth Day, Biology and Nursing students Sharita Hill, Brianna Slapnicker, Hannah Jorz, Margaret Janko, Ian Kinnaird, Katelyn Stewart, Erin Kezele, Erica Huber, Alexis Bradford, and Rachael Fogel, along with Elizabeth Meacham and Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot, began planting a total of 700 tree stakes, 70 shrubs, 7 trees near the lower stream on campus.  The stream restoration was funded by the Ohio EPA and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and was led by Chagrin River Watershed Partners and Jenise Snyder (Biology), 26 Apr 14.

• The Psychology Department hosted the Mullen Psychology Convocation and made the following awards, 23 Apr 14: 
o Performance on The Major Field Test in Psychology: Arielle Cenin 97th percentile nationally, Caitlin Sweeney 90th percentile nationally;  
o Mullen Psychology Research Scholarships to support travel for conference presentations at The Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference: Tori Berg, Marissa Dean, Sabrina Kinney, Julie Shuman, Caitlin Sweeney, Kayla Stefancic; to The Midwestern Psychological Association conference in Chicago Illinois: Marissa Dean, Kayla Stefancic.
o The James P. and Maureen C. Kovach Scholarship awards were made to Sabrina Kinney, Jasmin Montalvo, Julianne Shuman, Kayla Stefancic.
o Departmental Honors in Psychology were awarded to Arielle Cenin and Caitlin Sweeney.

• The following psychology majors presented their empirical research at The Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference at Mount Vernon of the Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, Ohio, 26 Apr 14:
o Tori Berg and Marissa Dean The Objectification of Athletes by Sexualization and Sport Type: Does Self-perception Change?
o Sabrina Kinney and Kayla Stefancic Female Perception of Same Gender Attractiveness and Likeability.
o Caitlin Sweeney and Julie Shuman The Effects of Intimacy and Discovery of Lies on Forgiveness.

• Psychology majors Marissa Dean and Kayla Stefancic presented The Stigmatization of Axis I and Axis II Mental Disorders at The Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, 30 Apr 14.

• The Psychology Department held an induction ceremony for Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology for the following students: Tori Berg, Sabrina Kinney, Celeste Mazzocki, Jasmin Montalvo, and Julie Shuman. New officers for Psi Chi for the 2014-2015 academic year were installed: Julie Shuman, President; Sabrina Kinney, Vice President; Tori Berg, Secretary/Treasurer, 23 Apr 14.

• As part of the curriculum for Liz Meacham’s PH 420, Eco Philosophy, The Philosophy Department and Campus Ministry, hosted speaker Randy McShepard, co-founder of the Rid-All Green Partnership: an Urban Farm in Cleveland, for a campus wide event, 3 Apr 14.

• Students in PH 420 Eco Philosophy visited South Chagrin Reservation for a field trip, 10 Apr 14.

• Biology student Margaret Janko has applied and been accepted to both University of California, Davis summer study abroad program: “Ecological and Social Issues at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala”  and the Stone Lab Summer Research Program.

• Maggie Stark spent her break in Malawi! With the HELP Malawi team, 10-15 Mar 14.

• Lauren Krozser, senior English major, is doing an internship (EN 475) with Sr. Cynthia Glavac for Inscape.  She’s the managing editor for this year’s issue. 

• Three English majors were inducted into Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society: Natalie Huggins, Nneka Iheama, and Rhianna McChesney.  Lauren Krozser, senior English major, received the English and Publications awards.  Sr. Mary Denis, guest speaker and professor emerita, spoke on, "Letters and Diaries Tell the Story: Catholic Sister Nurses in the U.S. Civil War," 29 Mar 14.

• The English Department, under the direction of Jennie Dunegan, produced the annual play spring play, Waiting for MacArthur, featuring students Rhianna McChesney, Haley Tinlin,  Hannah Cotton, and Natalie Huggins, 28 Feb 14, and 1 Mar 14. 

• The Student Arts Organization for Peace and Justice and Dorothy Kazel Club sponsored a bake sale to support  the 4 Ursuline students going to Malawi during March Spring Break, 25 Feb 14.

• Members of the Dorothy Kazel Club for Systemic change went to  the "Social Justice Teach In" at Case Western Reserve sponsored by the IRTF (InterReligious Task Force on Central America), 9 Feb 14.

• Thirteen students of voice and/or piano presented a recital in the Little Theater for an appreciative audience of friends and family, 8 Dec 13.

• Through the Ohio Foundation for Independent Colleges (OFIC) Ursuline student Bre-Anna Carruthers (a sociology major) has been selected to receive the UPS Foundation scholarship.

• Psychology majors Marissa Dean and Kayla Stefancic had their paper ”The Stigmatization of Axis I and Axis II Mental Disorders“ accepted at the Midwestern Psychological Association conference in Chicago Illinois Apr 30- May 2, 2014.

• Religious Studies major Christina Roe presented “Compassionate Stewardship: A Unique Approach to Healing” in the Mullen Lounge, 14 Nov 13.

• Students of Science, sponsored by the Biology Department, did a “Can you taste the difference?” challenge for the Ursuline College community between tap and bottled water, 13 Nov 13.

• The students in EN 244/344 Asian Literature are working together to improve the Wikipedia page of Japanese novelist Natsuo Kirino:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natsuo_Kirino.

• Students from RS 360 Ecojustice collaborated throughout the semester to create, plan, and implement a day of action on an issue of their choice: “Spin for the Earth: A Day of Action to Support Renewable Energy in Ohio.” They created tiny wind turbines from recycled materials for an installation in front of Pilla, canvassed for people to sign the Power Pledge to support wind energy in Cuyahoga County, and had a hula hoop dance party with singing and drumming to celebrate renewable energy, 21 Nov 13.

• SETA (Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), moderated by George Matejka, sponsored Ursuline’s participation in National Farm Animal Day by meeting with the manager of the Grille to prepare a predominantly vegetarian menu for both lunch and dinner, and by sharing printed information during the meal hours, 7 Nov 13.

• Students Alyx Cyr and Stephanie Pratt, and 2005 Alumna Robin Smith participated in “RAW: Natural Born Artists,” a one-night show at the Cleveland Agora with 37 other local Cleveland artists, 11 Oct 13.

• Maggie Stark and other student members of the Dorothy Kazel Club held a pot-luck fundraiser to earn funds for a trip to a peace vigil in Atlanta, GA, 24 Oct 13.

• Students in the BA, BFA studio arts Tiffany Gilmore and Miranda Meisel, and BA Art Therapy undergraduate majors Joy Lukacs, Taylor Bruno, also members of the Student Arts Organization, presented and taught a session on the Creative Art Expressions in Clay at Angel House in Strongsville, 27 Oct 13.

• Stephanie Pratt, Senior arts Major is showing in the 42 Annual Juried Art Exhibition (Opening reception is November 1), received notification she was accepted and will be showing a large ceramic work focusing on sustainability and the Earth, 26 Oct 13.

• Maggie Stark, Studio Art Major, along with Alumnae Studio Art Majors, was invited to show in Lakeland College's Exhibition: The Skull and Skeleton in Art: Folk Art to Pop Culture, opening reception on October 24th, 23 Sep – 8 Nov 13.

• Art student major and biology major, Rachel Neal, has facilitated the introduction to the biology department case at John Carroll with drawings and graphics and placement of bones at JCU.

• Chalk walk – Maggie Stark and Alyx Cyr, both Senior Studio Art Majors  were featured artist in the Chalk Walk in Newburgh Heights , 22 Jun 13

• Maggie Stark – Studio Art Major – along with Alumnae Studio Art Majors were invited to show in Lakeland College's Exhibition:The Skull and Skeleton in Art: Folk Art to Pop Culture. Opening reception is October 24th from 7 to 9 pm dates of the show 23 Sep through 8 Nov 13.

• Green Organize in Action students completed the spiral herb garden at the end of May, 2013.

• A student in Sr. Cynthia Glavac’s EN 340 Creative Nonfiction Writing, Rhianna McChesney, attended the Paula McLain talk and book signing on Thurs., Sept. 19, 7:00 p.m., at Landerhaven.

• Nneka Iheama, a junior English major, who also has a minor in Fashion Merchandising, had an article, “The Afro Movement,” published in the April 2013 issue of Midwest Black Hair.  See link below (pp. 60-61).  Her article is also mentioned on the cover of the magazine and that she is also modeling for the article.  This is the second article Nneka has had in Midwest Black Hair, and she is currently working on a third one.  Here is the link: http://www.joomag.com/magazine/mag/0182543001364868136/p1

• the students in Sr. Cynthia Glavac’s EN 340 have been “commissioned” by Jenny Dunegan to create letters, journals, diary entries, monologues, and scenes, inspired by the experiences of sister nurses, lay nurses, and other women, described by Sr. Mary Denis Maher, C.S.A., in her book, To Bind up the Wounds: Catholic Sister Nurses in the U.S. Civil War.  These students’ writings will form the foundation of a two-act play that will be produced in the spring of 2015.

• The Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) notified Ursuline College that Inscape 2013 received a First Class Award with “Marks of Distinction” in three areas out of five: 1) content; 2) writing and editing; and 3) photography, art, graphics, and typography, 29 Jul 13.

• Alyssa Curtis was accepted into Lake Erie Osteopathic College of Pharmacy (LEOCOP), Aug 13.