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Sister Diana @uc_pres   We can be at peace with ourselves & at peace with the people around us because we are aware of God's love & presence in our lives.
School of Arts and Sciences | Faculty Accomplishments
  • Pat Fallon reviewed the book Figure Painting Today.
  • Mimi Pipino, Mark Kyle, and Natalie Weaver presented “Uncovering the Hidden Masterpiece: Restoration and Renaissance in the Ursuline Studies Program” at the AAC&U conference on general education in Kansas City, MO, 19-21 Feb 15.
  • Mimi Pipino worked with NEO English Department consortium, organized the first annual English Career Symposium, 7 Feb 15.
  • Mimi Pipino attended  Advanced Safe Zone Training, Ursuline College, the Little Theater, 17 Feb 15.
  • Ursuline EN faculty members Cindy Glavac and Fred Wright were also in attendance (and Fred served as our official photographer!)
  • Mary Kay Deley's PY 202 class has been integrating the new projector/whiteboard technology available in the newly renovated chemistry lab DB 110.
  • Sarah Preston attended the Ohio Educational Technology Conference workshop entitled, “Flipping Your Staff Meeting” in Columbus, OH, 10 Feb 15.
  • Pat Fallon completed a large commissioned portrait, 4 Jan 15.
  • Pat Fallon nominated Wasmer Gallery Director Anna Arnold as a state Juror for the next Governor’s Exhibition, and she was accepted.
  • Jennifer Schwartz attended the opening reception for the Cuyahoga Community College’s eastern campus Art and Healing exhibition titled The Transformative Image: Art Therapy and Post-Traumatic Growth, 12 Feb – 6 Mar 15.
  • Congratulations to Beth Kavran, appointed Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, and to Sarah Preston, appointed Interim Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, effective 1 Mar 15.

  • Mimi Pipino With adjunct instructors Adrianne Hopes and Samantha Syracuse, acceptance of presentation proposal for the 2015 Teaching & Learning in Higher Education Conference, June 5, 2015 on Franklin University’s downtown campus in Columbus, Ohio. Our presentation is titled “Common Book, (Un)Common Reactions: Inviting Controversial Dialogue in the First-Year Seminar”.
  • Fred Wright's poem "Boiling Yellowjackets" was published in Red Fez 73: https://www.redfez.net/poetry/2147. 
  • Mimi Pipino Part of subcommittee on student retention, 21Jan 15.
  • Tim Kinsella attended Interim  Sexual Misconduct Seminar, Community Day, Klyn Hall, 9 Jan 15.
  • Tim Kinsella attended Addressing Disabilities Seminar, Community day, Klyn Hall, 9 Jan 15. 
  • Tim Kinsella attended Webinar Classroom for Success QMatters, 29 Oct 14.
  • Tim Kinsella attended Webinar D2L Rubrics, 5 Nov 14.
  • Tim Kinsella attended Webinar Video and Audio Notes, 12 Nov 14.
  • Tim Kinsella attended Webinar Creating Video Lectures, 19 Jan 15.
  • Mimi Pipino Webinar: Developmental Education Reform: How To Implement An Accelerated Course To Increase Retention, 3 Dec 14.
  • Mimi Pipino Attended College Credit Plus symposium with potential  local secondary school partners, Ursuline College, 8 Jan 15.
  • Gary Polster attended the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage to see the special exhibit on Nazi  propaganda during the 1930s and 1940s that culminated in World War 11 and the destruction of two thirds of the Jewish population in  Europe, 23 Dec 14.
  • Beth Kavran attended the NCAA National Convention January 15-18, 2015. Washington, D.C.
  • Fred Wright’s poem "Cheats for Common Moral Dilemmas" was published in Red Fez 72:  https://www.redfez.net/poetry/2117.
  • Fred Wright played songs that he wrote at the November 12, 2014 edition of Brent Kirby's 10 X 3 Songwriter Showcase at Brothers Lounge in Cleveland. 
  • Diane Therese Pinchot exhibited a ceramic piece "Mandala Vessel" at the  Arts of Thanksgiving Celebration at the B'nai Jeshurun Temple, 24 Nov 14.
  • Jennifer Schwartz attended the Creative Minds in Medicine conference in late October, and was pleased to introduce the panel “The Policy Environment for Arts and Health,” on behalf of Ursuline who was the panel sponsor.  Jen also presented on the panel “Arts and Culture in a Changing Healthcare Landscape.”

  • Bari Stith toured Ye Olde Mill (Velvet Ice Cream Company, founded 1914, Utica, Ohio) and its Milling Museum, focusing on the 1986 reconstruction and adaptive reuse of the 1865 McNaughton mill on a site used for milling since 1817, 12 Oct 14.
  • Elizabeth Meacham received a summer mini-grant to write an addendum to the undergraduate major in Sustainability. She obtained data from the National Council of Science and the Environment, and the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University, to make changes to the program based on best practices of successful academic sustainability programs around the nation.
  • Bari Stith guided and narrated the all day Leadership Geauga Heritage Bus Tour (45 in attendance), focusing on NEO’s cultural heritage in context with major trends in U.S. History and how the combination effects and is reflected in community values, 24 Oct 14.
  • Bari Stith and Architectural Historian Nick Fagan led a field study/public history tour of historic and modern architecture at Flora Stone Mather College for Women (now part of CWRU) focusing on the interrelationships between cultural heritage, educational expectation, gender, and importance of place, 9 Oct 14.
  • Bari Stith and Architectural Historian Nick Fagan led field study/public history tours of Fowler’s Mill and Chardon Square (both districts on the National Register of Historic Places) focusing on analyzing value systems in cultural landscapes, community change, and heritage preservation, 25 Oct 14.
  • Fred Wright’s story "Brian Moves Back" was published by New Pop Lit:  http://newpoplit.com/portfolio/brian-moves-back/. NPL also interviewed him:  http://newpoplitinteractive.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/questions-for-wred-fright/
  • Beth Kavran attended the NCAA Division II FAR Fellows Institute. NCAA Headquarters, Indianapolis, IN, 24-26 Oct 14.
  • Tim Kinsella reviewed the book by Lisa Phillips, A Renegade Union: Interracial Organizing and Labor Radicalism,  in The Historian, Vol. 76 No. 3, 2014.
  • Elizabeth Meacham was the fall faculty lecture speaker, presenting the results of her four years of research on Fracking and the Future of Sustainability Justice in Northeast Ohio, 23 Oct 14.
  • Bari Stith facilitated a graduate and undergraduate panel “Preservation Initiatives:  Past, Present and Future in Northeastern Ohio” at Heritage Ohio 25th Anniversary Conference, Kent, Ohio, 24 Sep 14.
  • Eileen Kohut and URSA had Read and Write Gold reloaded on the Pdrive4students so that students could down load the software on their own computers.
  • Tim Kinsella attended a webinar on hybrid course, 1 Oct 14.
  • Tim Kinsella attended a webinar on online courses, 8 Oct 14.
  • Tim Kinsella attended a webinar on Library Resources, 23 Oct 14.
  • Bari Stith increased use of social media for building awareness of cultural heritage through Cleveland Brain Gain, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Alana Andrews, Tim Kinsella, and Fred Wright attended the Diversity Workshop in PC101 with Tameka Taylor, called "Managing Diversity in the Classroom," 20 Oct 14.
  • Northeast Ohio Disability Providers attended by seven schools met at Ursuline on Oct. 24 with URSA members Eileen Kohut and Morgan Weber, 24 Oct 14. 
  • Natalie Weaver did a TEDx talk at the Ursuline TEDx event, 17 Oct 14.
  • Natalie Weaver attended the CTSA board meeting in Chicago, 24-26 Oct 14.
  • Bari Stith participated in guided tours of the Kirtland Temple and Historic Kirtland Village in Kirtland, Ohio, 4 Oct 14.


  • During the August 15th Community Day, Sr. Diane Therese received the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, which will be presented on November 16th at Founder's Day Brunch, 15 Aug 14.
  • Eileen Kohut made presentations on study skills and time management through US classes to 130 students which were evaluated through Zoomerang. 70% students found the information useful.
  • Jenny Dunegan, adjunct professor in the English Department, initiated the play-writing project docudrama, based on the book, To Bind up the Wounds: Catholic Sister Nurses in the U.S. Civil War in the spring of 2013 with her idea to create a dramatic production that would be “intrinsically Ursuline.”
  • The English Department and Drama Workshop’s Civil War docudrama, based on the book, To Bind up the Wounds: Catholic Sister Nurses in the U.S. Civil War, by Sr. Mary Denis Maher, C.S.A., Professor Emerita, will be performed in the Little Theater on Thurs., Feb. 26, Fri., Feb. 27, and Sat., Feb. 28, 2015, at 8:00 p.m
  • Sr. Janet Moore is assisting with the musical aspect of the production, To Bind up the Wounds: Catholic Sister Nurses in the U.S. Civil War.
  • Mimi Pipino attended webinar on changing the structure of developmental courses, 17 Sep 14.
  • Janet Kolesar initiated vision and change: requiring students to participate online and with groups for study and quizzing, spend more time in class with discussion rather than lecture.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder and her BI 325 students collected and analyzed water quality from the campus watershed for as part of an ongoing project assess the success of the Ursuline College campus stream restoration and bioswale project, Sep 14.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder and her BI 325 students collected and are currently analyzing soil properties from the Ursuline College campus forest as part of an ongoing project to assess the impact of fallen tree removal and ecosystem management following the 2013 tornado, Sep 14.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder manuscript to the peer-reviewed journal Biogeochemistry was accepted for publication following revision: Macrophyte root and rhizome decay: the impact of nutrient enrichment and the use of live vs. dead tissue in decomposition studies, 15 Sep 14.
  • Mimi Pipino’s article "`Prediction and Memory': Two Texts in Conversation: Homer's Odyssey and Derek Walcott's Omeros," from  Teaching Anglophone Caribbean Literature, pages 405-19, will be reprinted in a book titled Classical and Medieval Literary Criticism: The Odyssey of Homer, edited by Robert Louis Abrahamson.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder, collaborating with Dr. Eliška Rejmánková, and Stephanie T. Castle, presented Does aboveground decay mirror belowground?: An examination of macrophyte litter in response to phosphorus enrichment at the Joint Aquatic System Meeting in Portland, OR, May 14.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder, collaborating with Dr. Eliška Rejmánková, and Stephanie T. Castle, presented Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Assessing the role of aboveground and belowground litter decomposition in constructed wetlands to promoting organic matter accretion at the Joint Aquatic System Meeting in Portland, OR, May 14.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder, in collaboration with Ursuline College's Facilities Department, and the Chagrin River Watershed Partners wrote an Ohio EPA Environmental Education Fund Grant: “Stream Restoration Monitoring and Assessment to Improve Campus and Community Environmental Education,” Jun 14.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder, collaborating with Dr. Eliška Rejmánková, created and taught a 1 month & 8 credit University of California, Davis study abroad course: “Ecological and Social Issues at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala,” Jul 14.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder attended Dr. Rebecca Drenovsky's research talk, Potential and realized nutrient resorption in serpentine and non-serpentine chaparral shrubs and trees, John Carroll University, 11 Sep 14.
  • Arthur Frazier presented a paper "Increasing Marginal Revenue Product of Urban Black Men in Public Housing" at the Levin College Research Conference, Cleveland State University, 21 Aug 14.
  • This past summer, Sr. Cynthia Glavac began work on a book to be published by Dec. 2, 2015, the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of the churchwomen, Sisters Dorothy Kazel, Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, and laywoman, Jean Donovan. The book will be an English version of Cinco Testigas Solidarias: Dorothy, Jean, Carla, Ita y Maura, a collection of biographical essays on the women she co-authored with four other writers and published in El Salvador in Dec. 2010, the 30th anniversary of the martyrdom of the churchwomen. 
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Beltz has helped Sr. Cynthia translate the introduction and conclusion of the book, Cinco Testigas Solidarias: Dorothy, Jean, Carla, Ita y Maura.
  • Dr. Jenise Snyder became Adult and Pediatric CPR & AED Certified, 5 Jun 14.
  • Beth Kavran was a faculty member at the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) new Dean seminar. July 13-16 Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Elizabeth Meacham gave a presentation entitled Teaching Ecomindfulness: place-based mindfulness practices in an undergraduate environmental philosophy class, at the annual meeting of the Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences, June 11-14, Pace University, NY, NY, 12 Jun 14.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz gave a week retreat at the Jesuit Retreat House (Parma).  The theme for the retreat was “Trinity and Communion,” and touched on topics related to Scripture, Christian mysticism, evolution, cosmic Christology, and Trinitarian theology, 16-21 Jun 14.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz’s essay, “A Table for All Peoples: From God’s Table to Our Own” was published in the summer 2014 Social Justice issue (July/August) of Emmanuel Magazine.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz gave three television interviews for the Catholic Television Network of Youngstown (CTNY), Ohio on the following biblical books: Acts, Galatians, Colossians. These interviews are shared with CTNY’s affiliate Catholic television stations around the country and aired from Boston to Los Angeles, 30 Jul 14.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz gave a talk entitled: “Paul and Women in the Early Church: Sorting through the Contradictions,” to an overflow crowd (120 people) at the Chautauqua Institute, 7 Aug 14.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz was awarded second place by the Catholic Press Association for the essay she wrote for America on immigration. That essay, entitled: “Rafael’s Story: Remembering the Stranger We Are Commanded to Love,” was published in America in its November 18, 2013 issue, Jun 14.
  • George Matejka Presented a Case Study Analysis at the Zella Hall Lecture, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, 30 May 14.
  • George Matejka Presented Key Ethical Principles to Joe LaGuardia’s Educational Philosophy class, 1 Aug 14.
  • George Matejka Published a book review of Strengthen Your Brothers in Emmanuel, pp. 412-414, September/October 14.
  • Fred Wright’s article "The Short Story Just Got Shorter:  Hemingway, Narrative, and the Six-Word Urban Legend" was published in The Journal of Popular Culture (47.2 April 2014 pages 327-340):
  • http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1540-5931.2012.00935.x/abstract.
  • Fred Wright’s poem "Mitt Romney Dreams of the Last taxpayer and Nightsweats, Soaking His Magical Underwear" was published in issue 70 of The Red Fez:  https://www.redfez.net/poetry/2075
  • Janet Kolesar is meeting with a new advisee to work on the project in using C.elegans as a model organism in various biology labs.
  • Janet Kolesar is working with present & graduated students on their medical school applications, writing letters of recommendation (W. Koch, O.Wilhelm).
  • Janet Kolesar worked with computer services and ADInstruments to put BI software on a server so all BI students have access as clients and our BI faculty as administrators for this software. The hardware can be used in physiology, biology, psychology, and physical sciences as well,  Jul, Aug, Sep 14.
  • Janet Kolesar worked with AV services and computer services to install the BrightLinkPro projector in biology lab 224.  This is a test to see which projection equipment will work best in the new laboratories
  • Janet Kolesar helped troubleshoot the problems with the relocation of the Steris autoclave.
  • Sr. Cynthia Glavac attended Desire2Learn workshops on Mon., Aug. 18, and Thurs., Aug. 18; she had a private session with Teresa Potter, 4 Sep 14.
  • Tim Kinsella attended the Webinar Blended Learning, 10 Sep 14.
  • Tim Kinsella attended the Webinar Hybrid Learning, 17 Sep 14.
  • Eileen Kohut attended webinar on developmental education changes, 17 Sep 14.
  • In BI 214 Janet Kolesar implemented V&C strategies to engage students in classroom by lecturing less, assigning materials that can be read and using question/problem solving during some of the classroom time.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot was commissioned to create 52 silver crosses for all the living members of the El Salvador Mission on the 50th Anniversary of the Cleveland Mission presence in El Salvador, along with the Alleluia Award being given to the Cleveland Diocesan Mission Office at St. John’s Cathedral, 21 Sep 14.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot presented at The Museum of Contemporary Art  in conjunction with the Exhibition: "Someday Is Now: The Art of Corita Kent," showing the relationship of her artwork as influenced by Corita's in the early 60's to the present day, 29 Aug 14.
  • Mimi Pipino attended inaugural meeting of the Northeast Ohio English Departments Working Group at U. of Mount Union, 27 May 14.
  • Mimi Pipino attended CIC/Walmart Foundation Symposium on First-Generation College Students, Baltimore, MD, 7-9 Jul 14.
  • Janet Kolesar visited Clayton New Mexico in July and trekked out to view dinosaur footprints, SU 14.
  • Janet Kolesar visited Los Alamos, New Mexico and the National Laboratory, SU 14.
  • Janet Kolesar visited the Bradbury Museum at LANL, Los Alamos New Mexico, SU 14.
  • Janet Kolesar visited Taos Pueblo, SU 14.
  • Janet Kolesar visited Colorado Temple of the gods, geological formations at red rock as well, SU 14.
  • Janet Kolesar participated in an online course in Epigenetics, SU 14.
  • Tim Kinsella did the presentation: Cleveland Department Stores (part of Fashion Exhibit), 4 Sep 14.
  • George Matejka Attended Taking Action for Animals Conference, Washington, D.C., 28 Jun 14.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot attended the conference “Spiritual Leadership for Challenging Times: Leading from the Future,” a Conference Co-Sponsored by the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies, at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., 7 Jun 14.