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School of Arts and Sciences | Faculty Accomplishments

• Sr. Lisa Marie Belz gave the keynote address (Paul and Women in the Early Church: Sorting through the Contradictions) at the Women’s Spirituality Day for the Diocese of Youngstown, held in Canfield, Ohio, 5 Apr 14.

• Sr. Lisa Marie Belz gave a talk: “Finding the Beloved in the Journey: Carmelite Spirituality for Today” at the same women’s spirituality day, 5 Apr 14.

• Sr. Lisa Marie Belz was the Catholic Respondent for the Catholic Jewish Colloquium, held at the Center for Pastoral Leadership (Borromeo). I responded to Rabbi David Sandmel’s talk on “Jesus the Jewish Story Teller,” 24 Apr 14.

• Sr. Lisa Marie Belz’s essay, “A Table for All Peoples: From God’s Table to Our Own” was accepted for publication in the summer 2014 Social Justice issue of “Emmanuel Magazine.”

• Mary Kay Deley arranged for the SC 140 Earth Science Students to hike Stebbins Gulch and various areas of the Holden Arboretum. Students were shown formations from the Devonian period and evidence of glacial movement in the gorge. Students also traveled to Observatory Park in Montville, Ohio for a look at their telescope and to view a planetarium show along with a discussion of the planets and sun, 23 Apr 14.  

• Biology and Chemistry departments continued to work on the Bluebird Trail project. Baffles were purchased along with flanges to mount the boxes. Boxes are currently being built as part of the Biology department's Ornithology class.   

• Mary Kay Deley worked with senior art student Maggie Stark to assist with one of her senior art project utilizing chemistry.  The Art project will be displayed, 25 Apr – 16 May 14.

• Dr. Lita Yu presented “Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cellular responses to detergents” at the Ohio Branch American Society for Microbiology at The Ohio State University. This was based on the research project conducted by Sharita Hill, Michele Hare (Biology (’14) majors) and L. Yu, 12 Apr 14.

• Natalie Kertes-Weaver, Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Ursuline College, has been selected as an NEH Summer Scholar from a national applicant pool to attend one of 30 seminars and institutes supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.The Endowment is a federal agency that, each summer, supports these enrichment opportunities at colleges, universities, and cultural institutions, so that faculty can work in collaboration and study with experts in humanities disciplines.

• Natalie Kertes-Weaver will participate in a (seminar or institute) entitled “Representations of the ‘Other’: Jews in Medieval England."  The five-week program will be held at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (England) and directed by Professor Irven M. Resnick.

• Ursuline instructor, Leo Coach performed at the Thyagaraja Festival at Cleveland State University. This is the 37th year this festival was held at CSU and was the largest festival of South Indian (Carnatic) music outside of India, 16-27 Apr 14.

• Mr. Coach, who also teaches World Music at CSU, performed in a collaborative concert with South Indian and Western Jazz musicians in Waejen Hall located in the CSU Music and Communication building, 2121 Euclid Ave. 18 Apr 14.

• Also in Waejen Hall, Mr. Coach performed in “The Carnatic Symphony.” This concert featured Indian-American children ranging in ages from 4 through 18 in a concert of traditional South Indian songs which have been rearranged for Western instruments and South Indian vocals, 20 Apr 14. For further information regarding performers see: http://www.aradhana.org/

• Pat Fallon served as one of seven judges for the 2014 Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition in Columbus. This is a 300 piece exhibition of artwork by Ohio high school students in grades nine through twelve and runs until May 15, 2014. Ursuline College offers up to five scholarships in the amount of $2,500 per year, over four years.

• Tim Kinsella did the Book Review All in the family. The Realignment of American Democracy since the 1960s. The Historian Vol. 76, No. 1. Spring 2014.

• Tim Kinsella completed reading of the MALS essay by Abrar Neyazi.

• Fred Wright’s poem "Fast Food Friendship" was published in  Inscape 2014.

• Fred Wright read his poem "Fast Food Friendship" at the Inscape release party, 24 Apr 14.

• Fred Wright presented "Mowing the Leaves of Grass:  The Lawn as Symbol in American Culture" on the Ecology and Culture II:  Local Ecological Movements panel at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association national conference in Chicago, 18 Apr 14.

• Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot Helped the Sustainability Team, as a project for Earth Day,  plant 700 stakes, 70 bushes, and 7 trees, 26 Apr 14.

• Sr. Rosaria Perna did two presentations for Career Day at St. John High school in Ashtabula. The first was Graphic Design as a career. The second was an enrichment presentation titled The Digital Artist, 24 Apr 14.

• Dr. Thomas Frazier of the Psychology Department attended the Admission Office’s Junior Sneak Peak event and delivered a sample lecture to the prospective students, 26 Apr 14.

• Elizabeth Meacham performed with her jazz trio, PorchSwing, at the Hiram College SEEDS Scholars Earth Day festival, Roots of Resilience, Routes to Change, 26 Apr 14.

• Tim Kinsella attended the Bridge Event, 22 Apr 14.

• At the Student Research Symposium, Tim Kinsella mentored MALS Student Julianne Palermo as participant; Julianne achieved the best oral presentation award, 29 Apr 14.

• Tim Kinsella attended the Dauby Dedication Ceremony, 29 Apr 14.

• Tim Kinsella attended the Senior Art Exhibit opening, Wasmer Gallery, 26 Apr 14.

• Sr. Rosaria Perna participated in the fund raising event for St. Colman’s in Gordon Square with a first class set of artists showing its work, wine, food, raffles, silent auction. Some of her work was included in the auction, 25 Apr 14.

• Fred Wright helped the nursing faculty investigate suspected student plagiarism, 10 Apr 14.

• Fred Wright attended the Carole Ganim "Being Out of Order" event in the Little Theatre, 31 Mar 14.


Dr. Natalie Weaver, Religious Studies = promoted to Professor

Dr. Beth Kavran, Biology = awarded tenure

Ms. Mary Kay Deley, Chemistry = promoted to Assistant Professor

• Sr. Lisa Marie Belz gave the talk, "Following the Mystic Path:  An Evening with Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross" given at the St. Malachi Center, Cleveland, 19 Feb 14.

• Sr. Lisa Marie Belz gave the talk, "St. Paul and Women in the Early Church: Sorting through the Contradictions" given to St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Fairport Harbor, 13 Mar 14.

• Mark Kyle attended AAC&U conference and workshop, Portland, Oregon, including the following: General Education and Assessment:  Disruptions, Innovations, and Opportunities.  Workshop: Communicating Effectively about the Value(s) of General Education, 27 Feb-1 Mar 14.

• Sr. Lisa Marie Belz presented a paper at the Midwest Society of Biblical Literature in Bourbonnais, Illinois, titled: "Proper Household Relations in Whose Basileia?  Examining Ephesians’ Subtle Revisions to the Household Code of Colossians," 8 Feb 14.

• George Matejka presented two Lenten lectures at Sts. Robert and William Church  on the Passion Narrative in Matthew’s Gospel, and on the Passion Narrative in John’s Gospel, 11, 18 Mar 14.

• Jenise Snyder is leading the research of Biology students Michele Hare and Ashley Sotak to examine how fallen tree removal following the tornado is impacting the decay of leaves and invertebrate decomposers.

• Beth Kavran attended the “Quality Matters APPQMR Face-to-Face workshop” on Friday, March 14th at The University of Akron.

• Biology Faculty member Jenise Snyder earned her Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California, Davis, successfully completing her dissertation: "Impact of Phosphorus Enrichment on Wetland Ecosystem Processes: Nutrient Resorption, Above and Belowground Decomposition, and Microbial Activities"

• Jenise Snyder presented "Impact of Phosphorus Enrichment on Wetland Ecosystem Processes: Nutrient Resorption, Above and Belowground Decomposition, and Microbial Activities" to the Biology Senior Seminar, John Carroll University, 13 Mar 14.

• Jenise Snyder presented "Impact of Phosphorus Enrichment on Wetland Ecosystem Processes: Nutrient Resorption, Above and Belowground Decomposition, and Microbial Activities" to the Tropical Ecology Class, John Carroll University, 20 Mar 14.

• Sarah Preston attended the ACS National Meeting in Dallas, including sessions on POGIL (peer-oriented guided inquiry learning), flipped classroom, on-line learning, and mobile technology in the classroom. She represented the Northeast Section of the ACS at the councilor meeting, 16-20 Mar 14.

• Mimi Pipino Attended “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Managing Visibility at Work,”  19 Mar 14.

• Mark Kyle Attended course in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) held in the Geospatial Technology Department, Lakeland CC: An introduction of the fundamentals of spatial reasoning and applications of spatial thinking in order to gain a better understanding of cultural and natural landscapes (using satellite imaging, census data, geophysical data, legal descriptions, etc. to create multilayered maps of regional interest), 21 Mar 14.

• Tim Kinsella contributed to the Ursuline website blog about Birmingham Bombings, 24 Feb 14.

• Tim Kinsella contributed to the Ursuline website blog about S. Henrietta, 14 Mar 14.

• Mimi Pipino did a presentation to USP faculty on contract grading, 10 Feb 14, 25 Feb 14

• George Matejka presented Caring for the Environment:  A Moral Commitment to the Lorain First Friday Forum, 7 Feb 14.

• George Matejka prepared a module for PH 340 Animals and Ethics to be offered the Spring 14 semester in the UCAP format. 

• Tim Kinsella gave a brief talk: “Minimizing Conflict Through the Values of Sr. Angela”, at the St. Angela Luncheon, 6 Feb 14.

• Mimi Pipino participated in a webinar titled “Teach Students How to Learn: Metacognition is the Key,” 24 Feb 14.

• Sr. Cynthia Glavac has been meeting with Teresa Potter to set up her Grade Book, etc., for Desire2Learn, Feb 14.

• Tim Kinsella continued work with D2L.

• Pamela McVay attended a webinar on “Copyright 101: Managing Your Intellectual Property” by Karen Christensen, CEO of Berkshire Publishing Group, 12 Feb 14.

• Liz Meacham attended Dialogue and Civil Discourse Training, with Rachel Eryn Kalish, Cleveland Jewish Dialogue Group, Mandel JCC, 16 Feb 14.

• Tim Kinsella attended the MLK Celebration, 23 Feb 14.

• Tim Kinsella began work on assessing AYA and Middle Childhood needs with History/Political Sciences courses, 20 Feb 14.

• Mimi Pipino attended the Association of American Colleges and Universities annual conference on general education in Portland, OR; this year’s title is “General education and Assessment: Disruptions, Innovations and Opportunities, 27 Feb.-1 Mar 14.

• Christopher Edmonds organized and chaired a panel discussion titled “Integrating Research Courses into the Psychology Curriculum” at the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, 2-6 Jan 14.

• Mary Kay Deley is working with Mike Watson, the field biologist at the Holden Arboretum in conjunction with the biology department, Sarah Preston and facilities to investigate the possibility of establishing a bluebird trail on the campus. Mike will also be giving a presentation to the ornithology class and any interested faculty or staff member about Holden’s bluebird program and the potential of beginning a  similar program here at Ursuline.

• Janet Kolesar finished the MOOC from American Museum of Natural History and has a certificate of completion with distinction.

• Fred Wright wrote a blog post for the campus blog:  http://ucmosaic.com/2013/12/16/the-death-of-an-english-major-and-the-death-of-the-english-major/, 16 Dec 13.

• Beth Kavran attended the NCAA National Convention, 14-18 Jan 14.

• George Matejka attended the 2-day D2L workshop, 12-13 Dec 13.

• Tim Kinsella continued D2L Training.

• Michelle Wiggins attended several D2L workshops.

• Christopher Edmonds attended the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology. 2-6 Jan 14.

• Mary Kay Deley attended a D2L learning session and integrated D2L into all classes and labs. She met with Teresa Potter to learn how to add drop boxes into the earth science labs and discussion boards into classes which are in the process of being completed.

• Janet Kolesar attended several mini workshops for D2L training.

• Janet Kolesar attended and participated in two day workshop on Intensive training for D2L, 12-13 Dec 13.

• Mary Kay Deley implemented additional simulation experiments into the physics 202 lab this semester with free simulations available from the NSF.

• Tim Kinsella did a presentation to Ursuline Library Board “The Early Post World War II Era: Cleveland in Transition, 9 Jan 14.

• Tim Kinsella attended the MLK Talk (Dr. Malveaux), 23 Jan 14.

• Sr. Janet Moore attended the MLK Talk (Dr. Malveaux), 23 Jan 14.

• Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot created an Angela Mandala - program and invitational design for the 25th and 50 Jubilee Anniversaries of the Ursuline Sisters.

• Sr. Rosaria Perna has set up a website of her digital art: http://rosariaperna.com/

• Natalie Weaver spoke at JCU as a guest of Dr. Sheila McGinn on Intersex in Global Perspective, 14 Nov 13.

• Tim Kinsella wrote a book review: The Accidental City: Improvising New Orleans. By Lawrence N. Powell, in The Historian. Vol. 75. No. 3.

• Janet Kolesar enrolled in a MOOC through Coursera: “Evolution: a course for Educators. From the American Museum of Natural History.”

• Beth Kavran attended the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) National Conference. Jacksonville, FL, 11-14 Nov, 2013.

• Earley, Samantha Manchester; Natter, Wolfgang; and Kavran, Elizabeth. “Advancing the Career Opportunities of Liberal Arts Graduates: Best Practices and Strategies for Working with Multiples Constituents of Articulate Liberal Arts Skills Set and Value,” CCAS National Conference. Jacksonville, FL, 11-14 Nov 13.

• George Matejka co-presented a lecture at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center with Shannon Jerse, legal counsel for SVCMC, on the topic of the ethics of Futile Treatment of the dying, 15 Nov 13.

• Christopher Edmonds supervised students Marissa Dean and Kayla Stefancic in their research project “The Stigmatization of Axis I and Axis II Mental Disorders” which was submitted for review to the Midwestern Psychological Association Psi Chi division conference.

• Natalie Weaver and Sr. Lisa Marie Belz attended the American Academy of Religion Conference in Baltimore, 23-26 Nov 13.

• Sr. Lisa Marie Belz presented “The Place of Women in the Household of Faith: Sorting through the Disputes between Paul and Paul’s Inheritors” at the AAR Conference in Baltimore, 23-26 Nov 13.

• An essay that Sr. Lisa Marie Belz wrote on undocumented immigration was accepted by America Magazine for publication in its  November 18 issue, found here at http://www.americamagazine.org/issue/rafael%E2%80%99s-story

• Jennifer Schwartz-Wright presented at the Buckeye Art Therapy Association conference in Columbus  with Cathy Malchiodi: "Art Therapy in the 21st Century: embracing who we are," 27-28 Sep 13.

• Natalie Weaver attended the Catholic Theological Society of America's annual conference in Miami, 6-9 Jun 13 and moderated a session at the CTSA annual conference entitled "De-Conversion."

• Natalie Weaver had a paper published in the Journal of the Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology entitled "Ecumenism as Organic Wholeness," SU 13.

• Natalie Weaver became a permanent contributor to the Feminism and Religion Blog, SU 13.

• Natalie Weaver presented at the Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology IX conference in Leuven, Belgium: “As New Songs Upward Surge” 23-27 Oct 13.

• Sarah Preston presented a poster at ACS of her students’ (Erin Childers and Jen Wisen) research entitled: “Synthesis of a diphosphinite 2,6-diphenylpyridine analog of m-terphenyl pincer ligands,” 11 Sep 13.

• Sarah Preston chaired the organometallic session of talks at ACS, 11 Sep 13.

• Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot was invited to show in the Ursuline College Art Alumnae Invitational - with a new body of art work – Mixed Media, titled: “World Soul,” Summer 13.

• Mark Kyle (Biology) received a certificate of completion, which includes 48 hours of formal classroom and field training, passage of a written examination, and an additional 40 hours of volunteer service within a twelve month period, for his participation in the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist (OCVN) program, a science-based natural resource education program coupled with community-based volunteer service sponsored by the Ohio State University Extension in partnership with Holden Arboretum. Naturalists are also required to complete eight hours of advanced education approved by the OCVN coordinators and a minimum of twenty volunteer hours of service on a yearly basis to maintain their certification, 20 Sep 13..

• Mimi Pipino presented poster prepared with Beth Kavran “Values, Voice, Vision: A College-Wide Commitment to Assessment” at the Association for General and Liberal Studies annual conference in Indianapolis, IN, 20-21 Sep 13.

• Fred Wright had a poem, "America, Land of Freedom," published in Inscape.

• Fred Wright’s scholarship on zines was cited by Viviana Gaballo in her article "Language and Culture in Minor Media Text Types:  A Diachronic, Intralinguistic Analysis from Fanzines to Webzines," published in Contrastive Media Analysis:  Approaches to Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of Mass Media Communication, edited by Stefan Hauser and Martin Luginbühl (John Benjamins, 2012).