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School of Arts and Sciences | Faculty Accomplishments


  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz offered “Families in God’s Kingdom,” a retreat day given to women of St. Michael’s Parish, Canton, Ohio, 23 Jan 16.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz offered “The Spirituality of the Beloved Disciple of John’s Gospel,” Lenten Mission given to Our Lady of Peace Parish, Ashtabula,  27-28 Feb 16.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz offered  “Splitting the Adam: Recovering the Hebrew Story of Human Origins,”as Keynote speaker, First Friday Luncheon, First Friday Forum of Lorain, Ohio, 4 Mar 16.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz offered “The Spirituality of the Beloved Disciple in John’s Gospel,” an evening retreat given to the women of St. Angela Merici Parish, Fairview Park, 8 Mar 16.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz attended a day-long workshop in Atlanta, GA, for online instruction in Religious Studies, 20 Nov 16.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz participated in multiple online instructional workshops with Sarah Graham: Panopto, D2L quiz creator, Online Instructional Media, 12-16 Jan 16.          
  • Jennifer Schwartz attended the Counseling and Art Therapy graduate thesis presentation day, 10 Apr 16.
  • Mark Kyle Mark Kyle participated in Earth Day Celebration Bird Walk, 21 Apr 16.
  • Mark Kyle completed training as a patient-contact volunteer for Hospice of the Western Reserve, 24 Apr 16.
  • Jennifer Schwartz continues work with the American Art Therapy Association’s Undergraduate Education Standards Task Force on drafting standards for field placement, faculty/staff, institutional support, and academic unit.  The Task Force is on track to present their work for approval at the national AATA conference this summer, 14 and 21 Apr 16.
  • Jennifer Schwartz participated in a meeting of the Benjamin Rose Institute’s Education Advisory Council, 11 Apr 16.
  • Samantha Syracuse was Guest Lecturer (“Dis/Abilities and the Writing Center”) at John Carroll University for EN 290 Principles of Tutoring, 21 Apr 16.
  • Samantha Syracuse instructed a 15-minute mock US 101 lesson to prospective students at the Junior Sneak Peek Event, 30 Apr 16.
  • Melissa Barranger Mathys, Vice President of the Brecksville Broadview Heights community emergency response team (CERT), organized and participated in Operation Medicine Cabinet, a program in conjunction with the Brecksville Police Department, the Drug Enforcement Agency, CAPA and the Brecksville Fire Department, a biannual event that collected 187 pounds of pills and 147 pounds of liquid medication that would normally have been disposed of improperly or could potential be misused by others. Melissa has organized this event twice a year for the past four years, 30 Apr 16.
  • George Matejka Presented Poverty, Peace, Creation:  Pope Francis’ Green Agenda at St. Noel Parish, 20 Apr 16.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz is a proof reader for the Studia Philonica Annual, an international journal dedicated to the study of the writings of the first century AD Jewish philosopher, Philo of Alexandria; and reads for errors in typography or orthography in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz is chair of the Minority Retention Task Force.
  • Sr. Lisa Marie Belz serves on the Cleveland Catholic diocesan pastoral advisory board which met four times this school year.
  • With Tim Kinsella and Sarah Preston, Sr. Lisa Marie Belz worked on and received a $20,000 for development in online instruction from CIC.
  • Sr. Rosaria Perna donated two pieces of art for fundraising, one to Beaumont HS and one to VASJ.


  • Pat Fallon provided several new works  that are part of a larger body titled “Blind Gods” for the Faculty Art Show, 18 Mar-22 Apr 16.
  • Mimi Pipino moderated panel discussion, “Abuse in Our Community,” an event jointly sponsored by USP, Office of Equity and Inclusion, Campus Ministry, SNUC, Social Work Organization, WEAV, Iota Psi, and the Jewish Family Services Association, 21 Mar 16.
  • Samantha Carroll-Syracuse completed 1-hour online program, “Understanding Sexual Assault” offered/presented by Haven for Faculty & Staff, 4 Mar 16.
  • Mary Kay Deley attended webinar “Applying the Science of Learning to your Classroom” by Dr. Laura Frost, 2 Mar 16.
  • Mary Kay Deley attended webinar “Engaging Students in the Flipped Classroom,” 1 Mar 16.
  • Samantha Carroll-Syracuse, Mimi Pipino, Sarah Preston, and Anita Slack attended the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Information Fluency Workshop on English and American Language and Literature in Louisville, Kentucky, and returned to campus with a tentative plan for implementing Information Literacy in the English Department and the new core, 10-12 Mar 16.
  • Sarah Preston attended the American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Diego, CA which included a symposium on Advances in E-learning, 13-16 Mar 16.
  • Mimi Pipino attended a seminar on women’s leadership styles, sponsored by the John Carroll University Alumni Association, 16 Mar 16.


  • Beth Kavran was named the Chair for the Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences (CCAS) Committee on Private Institutions.
  • Mary Kay Deley investigated newer on-line technologies for her physics classes and will be specifically evaluating the Mastering Physics program for possible implementation in fall 2016.
  • Rosemarie Emanuele, with her co-author Walter Simmons (Associate Dean of the School of Business at John Carroll), is spending her sabbatical semester working on writing a second edition to the text book Economics for Nonprofit Managers by Dennis Young and Richard Steinberg, SP 16.
  • Anna Arnold organized the exhibit, “Embers & Ashes: S.C. Versillee and Ricardo Derrek J. Brown” at Wasmer Gallery, 22 Jan – 26 Feb 16.
  • Anna Arnold organized “Texture and Tonal Painting” workshop with the “Embers: Ashes” artists S.C. Versillee and Ricardo D.J. Brown at Wasmer Gallery, 9 Feb 16.
  • Mary Kay Deley viewed the on-line version of the webinar, "How to Retain First-year Students: Helping Them Navigate Emotional, Motivational, and Social Changes.”
  • Tim Kinsella and Sarah Preston attended the webinar-informational Presentation for the CIC Online Humanities Instruction Consortium, 10 Feb 16.
  • Janet Kolesar, Lynn Ulatowski, Melissa Barranger-Mathys, Lita Yu, and Sarah Preston attended the webinar “Science Communication, Critical Thinking, and Social Media: Sparking Student Dialogue” 26 Feb 16.
  • Lynn Ulatowski was selected as one of American Society of Nutrition’s 2016-2017 Science Policy Fellows, and was admitted to the Fellowship, 1 Mar 16.
  • Pat Fallon and Dr. Charles Malemud [School of Medicine at CWRU]  attended the IRTF Social Justice Conference at CWRU, 6 Mar 16.
  • Jennifer Schwartz continues to participate in the American Art Therapy Association’s Task Force on Undergraduate Educational Standards, currently devising and detailing student learning outcomes, 11 Feb 16.
  • A clip from the February released documentary “Art Therapy: The movie” was featured on the film’s Facebook page.  In the segment, Jennifer Schwartz describes some of the benefits of the Art Therapy Studio program she directed when the film was shot in 2014. https://www.facebook.com/ArtTherapyMovie/videos/939358506146455/?pnref=story
  • Anna Arnold juried the 2016 Artists Archives of the Western Reserve Annual Members Exhibition, 15 Jan – 27 Feb 16.
  • Anna Arnold was nominated for a Cleveland Arts Prize, Jan 16.
  • Anna Arnold’s art work was featured as the cover article of the CAN Journal, Winter issue 2015-16, Cleveland, Ohio.


  • Gary Polster attended the Violins of Hope exhibit about the Holocaust at the Maltz Museum, 30 Dec 15.
  • Pat Fallon had 10 pieces (paintings, drawings, and prints) in the December/January exhibit at Peninsula Academy, Peninsula, OH, Dec 15-Jan 16.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot received the Tyrian Artist of the Year Award for 2015 in Cleveland – the award is given to an artist that works toward healing, peace and justice through the arts, 6 Dec 15.
  • Tim Kinsella attended the D2L Quiz Conversion, Computer Lab, 11 Jan 16.
  • Tim Kinsella attended the Panopto Presentation, Computer Lab, 12 Jan 16.
  • Tim Kinsella attended the Library Resources, Media Center, 13 Jan 16.
  • Mary Kay Deley and Sarah Preston attended the presentation, Building Confidence through a Growth Mindset at the Magnificat Center for the Performing Arts. The presentation shared the latest research on Mindset and strategies educators can use to empower students to reach their full potential, 10 Dec 15.
  • Mary Kay Deley, Tim Kinsella, and Gary Polster attended the Race Relation Workshop sponsored by the Office of Inclusion, Equity and Multicultural Affairs at Ursuline College, 21 Jan 16.
  • Sr. Rosaria Perna attended the Webinar, “Training Staff to Respond to Racial Climate Challenges” by Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, 26 Jan 16.
  • Pat Fallon did portraits of "guests" at the HOMELESS STANDOWN in Public Hall Cleveland, 23 Jan 16.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot helped co-ordinate four events with area colleges and institutions for the 35th anniversary of the Church Women, concluding with the culmination event, 2 Dec. 15.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot participated in a retreat in West Virginia with diverse membership in spiritual practices to help create new non-profit magazine called The Braided Way which celebrates our world’s faith traditions and will publish art and articles that express the inter-relatedness of all world religions, 16-18 Oct 15 and 5-6 Dec 15. 
  • Sr. Rosaria spoke to and was interviewed by a Girl Scout troop on how she lives out the GS motto to serve God, country, and to help people at all times, Dec 15.
  • Sr. Rosaria Perna and Elizabeth Meacham received the Excellence in Education Award from Ohio Magazine as published in the December 2015 issue.


  • Mimi Pipino attended the Women’s Empowerment Conference at Walsh University, 14 Nov 15.
  • Wasmer Gallery Director Anna Arnold’s art work is featured as the cover story written by Douglas Max Utter for the Winter 2015-16 CAN (Collective Arts Network) Journal.
  • Tim Kinsella presented “Cleveland and the Civil War,” Faculty Lecture, Inauguration Week, 17 Nov 15.  
  • Sr. Cynthia Glavac’s reflection on the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of the churchwomen, “The Wake of Martyrdom: Bearing Witness,” was published in the November 2015 Kappa Gamma Pi Cleveland Chapter Newsletter. 
  • For the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of the churchwomen, Sr. Cynthia Glavac published a book on the churchwomen and Carla Piette, M.M., entitled, In Love, in Faith, in Solidarity: Dorothy, jean, Carla, Ita, and Maura, a collection of biographical essays on the five women, written by various authors.
  • Sr. Cynthia Glavac was interviewed by Plain Dealer reporter, Brenda Cain, about Sr. Dorothy Kazel and the other churchwomen. The article is supposed to appear in Cleveland.com , 30 Nov-1 Dec 15.
  • Samantha Syracuse attended a webinar sponsored by Macmillan Learning: “Digital Tools for Developmental Writing,” 10 Nov 15.
    Mimi Pipino met with Tim Farris and Samantha Syracuse to discuss integration of Atomic Learning into EN 103 and future first-year courses, 11 Nov 15.
  • Eileen Kohut attended the Ohio Association for Developmental Education Conference at Columbus State University, 6 Nov 15.
  • Lynn Ulatowski reviewed the article, “Impact of natural juice consumption on plasma antioxidant status: A systematic review and meta-analysis” for the journal Molecules.
  • Mimi Pipino attended webinar “EEOC and the Enforcement Protections for LGBT Workers,” 18 Nov 15.
  • Mark Kyle participated in webinar (EEOC and the Enforcement Protections for LGBT Workers) presented by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and sponsored by the Inclusion/Equity Committee, 18 Nov 15.


  • Samantha Syracuse provided web-based resources on deciphering difficult-to-read assignment sheets to Liz Malloy, Graduate Assistant in Residence Life, for her efforts in starting academic programs/study sessions in the residence halls.
  • George Matejka presented a TEDx talk, “To Know or Not to Know,” 23 Oct 15.
  • Mark Kyle served as a reviewer for two chapters (Reproduction and The Motor Basis of Animal Behavior) in the text Animal Physiology, 3rd ed. by authors Hill, Wise and Anderson, published by Sinauer Associates.
  • Bari Stith guided and narrated the all-day Leadership Geauga Heritage Bus Tour (40 in attendance), focusing on NEO’s cultural heritage in context with major trends in U.S. History and how the combination affects and is reflected in community values, 23 Oct 15.
  • Tim Kinsella offered the presentation: “Place as Magnet: the Central Business District and its Differing Uses Over Time in an Aging Manufacturing City,” at the AGLSP Conference, San Jose California, 15-17 Oct 15.
  • Mimi Pipino offered “Women’s Ways of Knowing: The Core of an Ursuline Education” presentation at Lakeland Community College, 15 Oct 15.
  • Mimi Pipino was discussion leader on the subject of sex work, Women’s Circle, Grace Hall, 26 Oct 15.
  • Mimi Pipino conducted Chew & Chat for Common Book The Butterfly’s Daughter, in Grace Hall, 29 Oct 15.
  • The History 454/MaHiP 500 Research Methods class, team taught by Pamela McVay and Bari Stith, toured the reading room of the Archives/Library at Western Reserve Historical Society/Cleveland History Center for updates on collections and procedures, 24 Oct 15.
  • Melissa Barranger Mathys participated in an 18 hour strategic planning and leadership workshop at Notre Dame College. Workshop attendees included faculty and chemists from Cleveland State, Oberlin, Notre Dame, Case and Lubrizol. The workshop generated a strategic plan for the next 5 years for the Cleveland section of the American Chemical Society. Melissa is in the process of developing a plan to increase participation in the high school Chemistry Olympiad, 10-11 Oct 15.
  • Elizabeth Meacham attended a workshop entitled, “Dreaming to Heal the Earth,” at Crown Point Ecology Center, 18 Oct 15.
  • Elizabeth Meacham attended a workshop entitled, “Dreaming as a Spiritual Path,” at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, 23-25 Oct 15.


  • Samantha Syracuse Presented a paper, “Common Book, (Un)Common Reactions: Inviting Controversial Dialogue in the First-Year Seminar” with Mimi Pipino and Adrianne Hopes at the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference held at Franklin University in Columbus, 5 Jun 15.
  • Lynn Ulatowski attended Small GTPase meeting in Boca Raton FL and presented her work on “Modifications of Tiam1 GTPase contribute to colon cancer,” Jun 15.
  • Lynn Ulatowski attended Case Comprehensive Center Annual Retreat at Tri-C Corporate College-East and presented her work on: “Tiam1 increases invasive properties in multiple cell lines,” Jul 15.
  • Elizabeth Meacham gave a lecture entitled, Bioethics and Judaism at Kol HaLev, in Pepper Pike, Ohio, as part of an ongoing adult learning series on Ethics and Judaism, 29 Jul 15.
  • Pamela McVay was reader at AP World History Reading—Salt Lake City, 11 Jun 15.
  • Samantha Syracuse instructed John Carroll University’s new Writing Center Consultant for Students with Disabilities, Leah Tremaglio, on the most effective strategies for facilitating writing consultations with LD students, 15 Sep 15.
  • Elizabeth Meacham led an all-day contemplative Ecotherapy Retreat at Look About Lodge in South Chagrin, 2 Aug 15.
  • Jennifer Schwartz presented a paper and workshop titled “Honoring the Ancient One within: Evoking wisdom to strengthen identity in clinicians and clients” at the Buckeye Art Therapy Symposium, 25 Sep 15.
  • Pamela McVay Created and posted a number of educational/research videos on--Youtube channel professorlilith: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXTvvT0uwiWLqLLSlZyY9Jw. She has 24 subscribers and 1359 views (269 views in the last 30 days), with 3400 minutes of viewing since the channel’s creation. Average length and number of views viewership has gone up this month because two of the videos are lectures for my blended version of Introduction to Culture:
    • 6/4 Harlem-Heian Mashup part 4  
    • 7/7 Girls’ Education in 17th Century France pt. 1  
    • 7/10 The Council of Trent in 5 and a half Minutes  
    • 7/28 Convent Schools and Girls’ Education in 17th Century France pt. 2  
    • 8/8 Historical Create-a-Sim Collaboration—Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt  
    • 9/4 Harlem Heian Mashup part 5  
    • 9/11 A Practical Introduction to Poetic Meter in 10 Minutes  
    • 9/16 A 16 Minute Introduction to Rhyme, Assonance, and Alliteration  
  • Artist in Residence Spring and Summer at Peninsula Art Academy, Pat Fallon also has shown in their juried drawing show and another show over the summer [advocacy paintings and drawings] and now has 10 pieces on display, Sep-Oct 15.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot created ceramic work for Trinity Cathedral's liturgy for Matthew Fox's celebration of the Cosmic Mass, 16 May 15.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot was invited to show 5 ceramic sculptures for an exhibit called "Divining the Waters," 10-21 May 15.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot created the Logo for the collaborative events around the 35th Anniversary of the Churchwomen of El Salvador, and is part of the planning committee for all the events with the Colleges and Institutions in the area; the first one was at JCU with Margaret Swedish as keynote speaker, 17 Sep 15.
  • Cynthia Glavac attended the fall joint council meeting of the Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC), including a meeting for the Faculty Athletics Representatives (FAR), to review documents and year-end reports, vote on issues pertinent to our conference, and approve game schedules and championship dates, 13-15 Sep 15.
  • Tim Kinsella was asked to serve on Ad Hoc Teaching Online Standards Committee, Fall 15.
  • Lynn Ulatowski August 2015 Highlighted as the first OHIOlink online research profile. www.ohiolink.edu/profile/ulatowski
  • Pamela McVay visited British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, and went on several historical themed walking tours in London, 16-15 May 15.
  • Eileen Turoff and Eileen Kohut read Advanced Placement English Literature for the College Board exams this summer in Louisville, KY.
  • Eileen Turoff was a table leader and Eileen Kohut read international exams. Over a thousand teachers from high school and universities gather to read the high school exams which can be worth credit to new college students, SU 15.
  • Mary Kay Deley attended the evening ACS Cleveland/Akron Meeting at Ursuline College, 16 Sep 15.
  • Mary Kay Deley attended the Webinar course: "Using the Repondus Test Bank Network to Quickly Create Online Exams," 1 Sep 15.
  • Jennifer Schwartz attended the American Art Therapy Association’s annual conference held in Minneapolis, MN, and participated in the first ever focus group for undergraduate art therapy educators, as well as numerous presentations and panels on topics such as social action, media and methods, and the Keynote Address by Dr. Temple Grandin on “The Autistic Brain,” 8-12 Jul 15.
  • Jennifer Schwartz attended the Buckeye Art Therapy Association’s annual Symposium in Columbus, OH, including workshops focused on ethics, art therapist’s identity, service learning, and implementing paper collage groups in inpatient psychiatric settings, 25-26 Sep 15.
  • Mimi Pipino attended NEO English Department Consortium to plan activities for 2015-16 academic year, 22 Jul 15.
  • Mimi Pipino attended the Association for General and Liberal Studies Annual Conference in Milwaukee, WI, “Opening Up General and Liberal studies: Diverse Populations, Dynamic Outcomes,” 24-26 Sep 15.
  • Samantha Syracuse attended “Significant Persons in the History of Ursuline College” presented by Pat Riley, 14 Sep 15.
  • Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot Went to Umbria, Italy in the small village of Deurta to see and study the glazes and chemicals (majolica) used by artisans in the region, and also to Rome to see and study the Caravaggio's in private collections and museums, 10-22 May 15.
  • Jennifer Schwartz has been meeting with faculty from the Breen School of Nursing to develop strategies and lesson plans for to integrating art therapy education into the nursing program. Students will learn about the role of art therapy in patient care as well as self-care for clinicians to prevent burn-out.