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School of Arts and Sciences | Religious Studies Internships and Service Learning

The academic internship program at Ursuline College is an experiential education opportunity that provides the link between the classroom and the workplace. It is an opportunity for the student to learn about her/his area of academic interest through practical experience.

The internship experience involves an academic relationship between the student, faculty advisor, coordinator of experiential education, and the employer. It is an opportunity for the student to augment coursework and on-the-job assignments related to her/his academic interests (major). It is a carefully monitored work or service experience in which the student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what she/he is learning throughout the experience. An internship is a single-semester or finite time period that may be paid or unpaid, and is always for academic credit.

More information on Academic Internships may be found at the Office of Counseling &
Career Services.

Service Learning
Alternative Credit Options at Ursuline College allow you to pursue college credit outside of the traditional classroom setting. In keeping with Ursuline's personal approach to education, we recognize your unique learning experiences by providing you with the opportunity to receive credit for what you already know. Through the External Learning Assessment program, you have the opportunity to receive credit for what you have learned through hands-on work, volunteer service and personal experiences. Go to the Alternative Credit Options website for more information.