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School of Arts and Sciences | Psychology Possible Careers

What can you do with a B.A. in Psychology?:

A bachelor's degree in psychology is very much a pre-professional degree. That is, just like anyone who is "pre-med" or "pre-law" as an undergraduate, we always know that she needs to go to medical school or law school in order to be able to practice her craft. Psychology is the same way. If one wants to work in the psychology field, then going to graduate school in psychology is necessary.

However, there are plenty of jobs available with a B.A. in psychology. Rather than only consider psychology specific careers (which require advanced training and degrees), consider what skills and knowledge a B.A. psychology major brings to the workforce. Suddenly many employment opportunities become evident.

These are some of the talents an Ursuline College psychology major brings to the workforce:

Technical writing skills
Insight into human behavior
Critical thinking skills
Research methods skills
Interpersonal skills
Oral presentation skills
Computer skills
Statistical skills
Leadership skills

These are some of the possible job titles that might be appropriate for someone who has earned a B.A. in Psychology: (abridged from Landrum, R. E. & Davis, S. F. (2003). The Psychology Major. (2nd Ed.) Prentice-Hall.)

[also use your favorite search engine and search for "BA psychology jobs careers"]

Affirmative action representative
Alcohol/drug abuse counselor
Bank management
Behavior analyst
Camp director
Career counselor
Case manager
Childcare worker
Child protection worker
Claims specialist
College admissions officer
Community organizer
Community outreach worker
Congressional Aid
Corrections officer
Customer relations
Day Care Center supervisor
Director of Alumni Relations
Eligibility worker
Employee relations
Employment counselor
Family services worker
Group home coordinator
Hospital patient liaison
Hotel management
Human Relations recruiter
Job analyst
Law enforcement officer
Life Skill counselor
Loan Officer
Management trainee
Mental health technician
Occupational analyst
Office manager
Parole Officer
Probation officer
Program manager
Property management
Public information officer
Rehabilitation counselor
Residential youth counselor
Restaurant manager
Sales Representative
Social services director
Social work assistant
Store manager
Technical writer
Urban planning research assistant
Vocational rehabilitation counselor

Careers and Salaries with a Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degree in Psychology