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Career Advising

Thinking of Graduate School?

Q. Why should I consider graduate school?

Psychology continues to be profession where the careers with the highest earning potential and responsibility are landed by those with graduate degrees.

Q. What can I do now to prepare myself for graduate school (a four year plan)?

Freshman & Sophomore Years:
  • Take your Psychology prerequisite courses early in your undergraduate career
  • Freshman: PS101 Introduction to Psychology & any MAT212 Introduction to Statistics prerequisite
  • Sophomore: MAT212 Introduction to Statistics (NOTE: If you are eligible to enroll in MAT212 Introduction to Statistics as a freshman, do it, and accelerate the rest of this timetable.
Junior Year:
  • Fall: PS322 Research Methods I
  • Spring: PS324 Research Methods II
  • Submit your research paper from PS324 to The Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Conference (early April deadline).
  • Explore your career interests by volunteering at sites that are similar to your career goals: hospitals, clinics, rest homes, research labs, industry, etc.
  • Visit graduate programs via cyberspace.
  • Write to graduate programs to inquire about their admission policies, programs, etc.
Summer between Junior and Senior years:
  • Prepare to take the GRE (study, study, study). Get books and software (e.g., ETS, Kaplan), and get going. Have a 10 - 15 week study schedule leading to the GRE test date.
  • Use the GRE preparation software purchased by the department. Visit the Library Reference Desk and ask to see the computers that have the GRE software loaded on them.
  • Prepare a draft of your personal statement.
  • Request literature/applications from graduate programs of interest to you.
  • Personally visit graduate programs to talk to potential mentors among the graduate faculty.
  • Take the GRE in August before you start fall classes.
Senior Year:
  • Fall: PS380 & PS380L Human Memory & Cognition / Laboratory, PS490 Capstone in Psychology
  • Take the Psychology Subject GRE, usually in December.
  • Conduct independent research under the supervision of a faculty member in the department
  • Submit your completed research project to the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference (November 1 deadline)
  • Submit your applications for graduate school (Apply to as many programs as you can afford, and to a variety of programs, from your first choice to others you would be happy to attend.)
  • Spring: PS424 Research Methods III
  • Submit a Spring research project to The Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Conference (mid-April)
  • Present your Fall research project at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference (late April/early May)
  • Have peak experiences: Continue volunteering at relevant sites for "career" experience and exposure.

Q. What is Essential Course Sequencing in the Graduate School Track?

PS101 Introduction to Psychology and Complete MAT212 Prerequisite

MAT212 Introduction to Statistics and PS Core/Elective Classes

Fall Semester: PS322 Research I and PS Core/Elective Classes
Spring Semester: PS324 Research II and PS Core/Elective Classes

Fall Semester: PS380/L Human Memory & Cognition/Lab, PS490 Capstone, and PS Core/Electives
Spring Semester: PS424 Research III and PS Elective Classes

Q. What is involved in the application process for graduate school?

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Where Ursuline Psychology Graduates are Accepted for Graduate School