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School of Arts and Sciences | Humanities

Aims and Objectives

The Humanities Program encourages students to take a broad and integrative view of the arts and the humanities. The curriculum includes the study of art, music, drama, foreign languages, history, philosophy, literature, and religion. As components of culture, these studies provide a deeper understanding of the individual and of the world.

Humanities Fact Sheet

Course Requirements

40 - 41 credit hours in the following areas. At least 50% of these credits must be taken at the 300 or 400 - level.

  • Art: any 3-4 credits
  • Drama: 3 credits from these courses: EN 101, 218, 301, 437
  • English: 6 credits in literature (1 American course and 1 British course)
  • History: 6 credits (1 American course and 1 World course)
  • Modern Languages: any 6 credits
  • Music: any 3 credits
  • Philosophy: any 6 credits
  • Religious Studies: any 6 credits
  • Humanities: 1 credit senior thesis (HS 490)

Course Descriptions

HS 490 (1)
Senior Project in Humanities
This independent study provides the opportunity for the graduating senior to integrate the course content of the major while working directly with a Humanities scholar. The project permits the student to focus her/his work in an area of particular interest to her/him within a Humanities perspective.

In order to ensure that the Humanities major extends beyond the liberal arts core of the Ursuline Studies Program, at least 33 of these 40-41 credits must be taken in addition to the Ursuline Studies satellite courses for Stages I, II, and III. In other words, only two of these courses (any two, at the discretion of the student) may be applied to Ursuline Studies requirements