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Science Course Descriptions

SC 099 Introduction to Physical Science (2)
Introduction to Physical Science is a one-semester integrated course designed to bridge the gap between high school and college physical science. Emphasis is placed on understanding basic scientific principles, developing science process skills, developing an awareness of safety and environmental issues, and becoming conscious of science in everyday life. The theory and practice are integrated by a number of different techniques, including lecture, demonstrations, group problem-solving, laboratory experiments, outside reading, and discussion of practical applications. This course is graded PA, PB, PC and D/NC or F/NC Credit and does not count toward degree requirements.
Pre-requisite: Needs permission. Co-requisite: Students who do not demonstrate math proficiency for MAT 114 must be enrolled concurrently in MAT 099.

SC 100L Introduction to Physical Science Laboratory (1)
This course is the laboratory component of Introduction to Physical Science.The laboratory experiments are selected to correspond to and develop the lecture concepts and principles more fully. Safety and environmental considerations are paramount in the design and execution of the laboratory program.
Co-requisite: SC 099

SC 101 Principles of Science (3)
An integrated course including the basic principles of astronomy, physics, chemistry and geology with emphasis on major scientific concepts, science process skills and current practices in science education. Ursuline Studies Stage I Science satellite.

SC 101L Principles of Science Laboratory (1)
Selected experiments in astronomy, physics, chemistry, and geology.
Pre- or co-requisite: SC 101

SC 140 Integrated Earth Science (3)
An integrated course designed to provide an overview of geology and astronomy.Topics in this course include the origin of the universe, the properties of stars, the solar system, the geological history of the earth, the earth’s atmosphere, meteorology, and environmental geology.
Prerequisites: SC 101 or high school chemistry and physics and MAT 114 or an equivalent course, ACT score or test out. Ursuline Studies Stage I Science satellite.

SC 140L Integrated Earth Science Laboratory (1)
Selected Experiments in astronomy and geology.
Pre- or co-requisite: SC 140

SC 199, 299, 399, 499 External Learning Assessment (credit varies)
Measurable and verifiable learning which has occurred outside of the traditional classroom. Numerical designation indicates level of proficiency in the topic. Courses for which there is an exact Ursuline College equivalent are listed by the appropriate numerical designation. “PL” is listed before all course titles for which credit is granted through external learning assessment.