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School of Arts and Sciences | Biology Possible Careers

Graduates of the Biology program pursue their interests in a variety of careers. Some obtain entry-level jobs to gain experience and develop their work skills; others seek additional education to enter specialized professional programs.

Technologists must obtain clinical experience and become licensed to practice as professional audiologists, dietitians, occupational and physical therapists, perfusionists, and as medical records technologists/administrators.

Research biologists may work in academia, in government or in private research laboratories; industries also hire biologists to conduct research and do product development and testing. Similar post-graduate training enables individuals concentrating in environmental studies to obtain employment as environmental engineers, environmental attorneys, and health/safety analysts and inspectors. Often additional education and/or experience enables the biology graduate to obtain more responsible positions with better compensation. Opportunities for biologists in education are as varied as those in technology and research.

Teachers of biology are commonly employed in various educational institutions at the pre-college and college levels; museums, botanical gardens, aquariums, zoos, science centers and outdoor education programs offer the biology graduate many opportunities. Biologists are also employed by private corporations as training specialists to provide instruction and curriculum development as well as technical competence.

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