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Sister Diana @uc_pres   Whatever our vocation-married, single or religious-we have the opportunity every day to be faithful. It can be thankless but do it anyway.
School of Arts and Sciences | Art Teaching Philosphy

At Ursuline, the growth of the whole person is emphasized as students prepare for futures that include leadership and service to society. The importance of a spiritual life that recognizes beauty and is integrated within the whole person is stressed throughout the program. Our vision has been to provide students with the skills and wisdom they will need to continue art-making as a life activity.

Aesthetic information is presented within a global context and students are sensitized to current social issues. Students are encouraged to participate in peace and justice activities, to provide service to the local community, as well as to add their voices to national and global debates over political and social justice. Here, art is more than a formal exercise - it is an opportunity to empower those whose voices have been marginalized, and a powerful force for advocacy.