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Ursuline College @Ursulinecampus   Looking forward to seeing what this semester's #creativeadventures w/ @UrsulineCampus Art Therapy Studio holds!
Campus Map

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1. Mullen Academic Center (Admission, Little Theatre and St. Angela Chapel)
2. St. Mark Center
3. Tennis Courts/Restrooms
4. Maintenance Garage
5. Besse Library
6. Dauby Science Center
7. O’Brien Athletic Center
8. Fritzsche Center (Daley Dining Hall)
9. Wasmer Gallery
10. Pilla Student Learning Center
11. Grace Residence Hall
12. Murphy Residence Hall
13. Smith Residence Hall
14. Athletic Pavilion/Restrooms
15. St. Ursula House
16. Ursuline Educational Center (Chapel of The Most Holy Trinity and Klyn Hall)

A. Mullen Academic Center (Visitor)
B. North Lot
C. Faculty/Staff
D. O’Brien Athletic Center (Faculty/Staff)
E. O’Brien Athletic Center (Visitor)
F. Pilla Center
G. Wasmer Gallery
H. Residence Hall
I.  Athletic Fields
J.  St. Angela Center
K. Ursuline Educational Center

Academic Affairs 1
   Arts & Sciences
   Breen School of Nursing
   Graduate Studies
   Professional Studies
Academic Support and Disabilities Services 1
Administrative Offices 1
Admissions 1
   Graduate/Undergraduate 1
   UCAP 10
Alumnae Offices 1
   Athletic Fields 14
   Gym/Pool/Fitness Center 7
   Tennis Courts 3
Board Rooms
   Haessly Board Room 5
   Strawbridge Board Room 1
Bookstore 10
Commuter Lounge 1
Counseling and Career Services 1
Dining Facilities
   Daley Dining Hall 8
   1871 Grille 10
   Mary Beaumont Dining Room 8
Financial Aid Office 1
Human Resource 1
Information Desks 1, 7, 10
Library (Ralph M. Besse) 5
Little Theatre 1
Reception Desk 1
President’s Office 1
St. Angela Chapel 1
Student Services Center 1
UCAP (Ursuline College Accelerated Program) 10

Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland
   Ursuline Education Center 16
   Administrative Offices 16
   Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity 16
   Klyn Hall 16
   Merici Community 16
   St. Angela Center 17
   St. Angela Center/Klyn Hall Parking J
   Ursuline Educational Center Parking K