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Human Resources

ursuline college The mission of Ursuline College is to offer undergraduate and graduate education within a Catholic tradition marked by the Ursuline heritage of educating women. Emphasizing academic excellence, the values-based curricula provide the foundation for liberal arts and professional programs.

Respecting a diverse student population, Ursuline College offers varied approaches to learning for the growth of the whole person. Ursuline College prepares students for further education, careers, leadership and service to society while encouraging the search for wisdom.

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Kelli Knaus
Director of Human Resources
Mullen 235: Office hours Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM 
Telephone: 440-646-8316
Fax: 440-449-2260
E-mail: kknaus@ursuline.edu


The following information is provided as a ready reference regarding benefits and procedures for employees. Detailed information is available from the Human Resources Office including individual eligibility requirements. In order to retain necessary flexibility in the administration of benefits and procedures, Ursuline College reserves the right to change, revise or eliminate benefits and procedures. The Summary Plan Descriptions and Staff and Faculty Manuals are the final authority if questions or discrepancies arise.

Medical Insurance
The College offers medical insurance through Anthem Insurance for those employees working at least 20 hours per week. Payroll deductions are available on a pre-tax basis. Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following the month of hire. 

We offer two types of plans, including a High Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account.

Dental Insurance

The college provides dental insurance through MetLife to eligible employees. Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following the month of hire. 

Voluntary Vision Insurance

The college offers voluntary vision insurance through MetLife to eligible employees.  Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following the month of hire. 

Voluntary Accident Insurance

The college offers voluntary accident insurance through MetLife to eligible employees.  Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following the month of hire. 

Flexible Spending Account
The College offers an FSA for health care and dependent care costs for those employees working at least 20 hours per week. Employees can elect to have pre-tax dollars set aside from their paychecks in order to help pay eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as co-pays, deductibles, prescriptions, dental and orthodontia. Includes eligible day care expenses.

Life Insurance
The college provides fully paid life insurance to eligible employees. Life insurance is equal to one times annual base salary up to a maximum of $150,000. Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following the month of hire.

Short Term Disability
The college provides short-term disability to eligible employees after successfully completing six months of continuous service. Short-term disability may be granted for absences of more than 5 work days because of an illness or non-work-related injury. Coverage is available for a maximum of 26 weeks.

Voluntary Group Long Term Disability

Voluntary long-term disability is available to eligible employees. This insurance provides partial income to an employee who is totally disabled. The cost for participation in the program is divided equally between the employee and Ursuline College.

Retirement Annuities
Ursuline College provides eligible employees a defined contribution Group Retirement Annuity (GRA) program through TIAA-CREF. The College contributes a % of an employee's salary to the GRA account subject to review each year. The employee may select investment options from those offered by TIAA-CREF through the GRA program.

Voluntary Tax Deferred Annuity (Supplemental Retirement Annuity)
Employees can enroll in a supplemental 403(b) tax deferred plan through TIAA-CREF and have pre-tax payroll deductions sent to an account at TIAA-CREF. This benefit is governed by federal regulations.

Tuition Benefits
Eligible employees will receive a 100% tuition discount for undergraduate courses and a 50% discount on graduate courses according to their years of service. Tuition discounts for spouses and eligible dependents are outlined in the employee manual and faculty handbook.

Tuition Exchange
Full-time employees may apply for tuition discounts for eligible dependents through The Tuition Exchange and Council of Independent Colleges.

Staff employees accrue vacation during each full pay period they have worked according to their employment classification. Full-time exempt employees accrue vacation at a rate of .8333 of a day per full pay period worked which equals a maximum of 20 vacation days a year. Full-time non-exempt employees accrue vacation at rates based on their years of service. Zero to 5 years earns .4166 of a day (10 days), 6-10 years earns .625 of a day (15 days) and 11 or more years earn .8333 of a day (20 days). Eligible part-time employees accrue vacation according to schedule in handbook.

Personal Paid Leave
Full-time staff employees accrue one personal day per each full calendar month worked to a maximum of 12 days. Part-time staff employees are eligible after 3 years of employment and accrue 6 hours per each full calendar month worked to a maximum of 72 hours.

Ursuline College normally provides the following 14 paid holidays per year. The dates of approved holidays are located on the holiday schedule.

Credit Union
Ursuline College is a participant in the Cardinal Community Credit Union. Any employee may join the credit union and have payroll deductions sent there directly.

Automatic Direct Payroll Deposit
We encourage all employees to utilize direct deposit of their payroll. You can have your pay deposited into a checking or savings account at your regular financial institution (including a credit union). You can also divide the deposit among up to three institutions. For employees who are utilizing direct deposit, we have implemented an on-line system, Paycor.com, through our payroll provider. In order to access your earnings statements online, you will need to register with Paycor.