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Ursuline College Receives Top Scores in National Survey of Student Engagement

nsseAccording to the most recent National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Ursuline College remains at the head of the class in student engagement and outperformed other colleges in the areas of academic challenge, collaborative learning, student-faculty interaction, educational enrichment and supportive campus environment.

The results were recently published in USA Today as an alternative to controversial rankings such as those compiled by U.S. News & World Report when considering the quality of undergraduate programs. The project is sponsored by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and included a survey of 313,000 randomly selected freshmen and seniors at 610 four-year colleges and universities in the US and Canada.

USA Today partnered with NSSE to publish a guide in print and online to show how NSSE can enhance the college search. Of the schools surveyed, only 257 - including Ursuline - agreed to make their results public. Go online to www.usatoday.com/news/education for NSSE survey stories and college data.

Ursuline outperformed other US colleges and universities and exceeded the national average on all five key NSSE measurements in: level of academic challenge; how actively students are their education; how closely they work with faculty both inside and outside of the classroom; how enriching their educational experiences are and how supportive the campus is in their achieving academic success.

"The survey questions are related to desired outcomes of a student's college experience and address the kind of things incoming students should be looking for," said Sister Patricia McCaffrey, Vice President for Enrollment Management. "Additionally, it provides us with priceless information regarding our students' educational experience."

The peer institutions that Ursuline was compared to in the Master's Colleges and Universities (medium programs) category include: Baldwin-Wallace College, Walsh University, Xavier University, Youngstown State University, Villanova University, Ithaca College, Trinity University, St. Mary's College (Notre Dame, IN) and Chatham College.

"We were pleased but not entirely surprised by the results since Ursuline positions itself as a small, intimate world, where at every turn students experience a human and social connection," said McCaffrey. "The results confirm that Ursuline College offers distinctive opportunities for successful student engagement and learning."

McCaffrey added that because Ursuline is the only women-focused college in the state of Ohio and one of the relative few in the country, their students have come to expect a very personal education.

The NSSE survey was developed from data indicating that students who put more time and energy into activities that matter to their education - both inside and outside the classroom - learn more during college than those who are not as involved.

"Ursuline's survey results confirm that our students are getting what they came here for - a quality, liberal arts education," commented McCaffrey.

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